Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SO I don't normally do this like ever....

But it is a chance to win a trip to Paris France not Texas! This would be the best thing in the world. I know my chances of winning are one in like a billion, but there is still a chance. Anyways, go here and enter your self! If the link does not work here is the address. Orion and I did not have the chance to go on an official honeymoon seeing as how we paid for our entire wedding ourselves and we were, oh wait we still are! Ha! I think I might die of happiness if by some amazing miracle we won.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventures with Peperoni and Sausage

I am not talking about the meat, but nick names for the little boys I get to play with every week. The best part about it is that I get paid to play with them. Let me just tell you that it is the BEST job ever! I am fairly confident that being a mom will be even better than being nanny. Ok it might be worse at times because I don't hand the children off to anyone else at the end of the day.

Last Friday my dear friend Peperoni decided we should go on a bear hunt. Seriously this three year old amazes every time I am with him. When I was three I don't think I wanted to go looking for bears. Before our hunt even started we found a baby bird. It was so cute and little and trying desperately to get back to his mom. The bird was stuck on the ground because it fell off the side walk. I helped it up and prayed it would live to find its mom. Who knows if that happen. This inspired Peperoni to look for other animals. Namely Belu, you know the bear from the Jungle book. Well we did not find him, but another animal found us. A cat which Sausage wanted to play with. I had a horrible vision of little one year old Sausage "playing" with the cat and the cat scratching him to death. Let's get real for a second when young children "play" with animals they treat them like their stuffed bear which equals straggling aka cuddling, pinching aka picking the animal up, pulling on the tail aka bringing the animal along, etc. I convince Peperoni that we needed to go home because I was having an allergic reaction to the grass we played in (my arms were turning red and itching a lot).

With much objection we headed home. Peperoni kept asking about the home for the cat and I kept telling him that it lived in the woods. Then a stroke of genius came over me. I told him that the cat and Belu were probably playing together. To this my sweet little friend agreed and decided to play inside because it was FREEZING outside (really it was just windy and he refused to wear a jacket). It is days like this that get me excited about being a mom some day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Best Husband Award Goes to...

Orion! Ok I guess I am biased, but I think Orion is the best husband for me. I simply love him to pieces. Now here is why I think he is the best. Maybe, just maybe you will agree with me. Yesterday (Saturday) is our normal date night. We have to have a day set apart for date night or else we forget or plan other things. A little lame right? Yes, but it works for us. So Orion had to work Saturday morning because he works a million hours a week, but I told him to pick up some orange juice on his way home. My throat has been hurting and I have been coughing up stuff, so GROSS! He being a good husband stopped at the store and decided to get me a little something extra. I normally lock the door when I am home alone because lets face it I am a chicken. Orion knocked because he is lazy and does not want to unlock the door himself. Orange juice in hand I welcome him in, but he says he has to get his jacket from the car. As he picks up his jacket he reveals a bouquet of flowers that he got me. He is so so wonderful.

Then we went on a double date with some good friends of ours. We went to Sushi my absolute favorite food. We tried out this place called Shin's in downtown and it was GREAT! It was inexpensive and yummy. We bought three rolls for 21 bucks! If anyone is a sushi eater they know that good sushi does not come that cheap. Well at Shin's it does! In fact they have a half price menu where you can get a roll for three bucks! AMAZING! I think I have found my new favorite place to eat. My favorite food plus not costing that much equals best thing ever. Then it was on to another favorite thing of mine X MEN! I have loved X Men since I was little at watched the cartoons every morning with my older brothers. After the newest X Men movie we topped off the date with frozen yogurt. I was the best date with the best husband.