Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morro Bay

Orion and I met in Morro Bay. We we first saw each other out side a friend's house, but we did not officially meet until Morro Bay. It was Morro Strand at sunset where we first started talking. My friend had invited me along so I could meet Orion's friend because they thought I would hit it off with him. Turns out that I did, but Orion had other plans. He was smitten right from the beginning, well that is how I tell the story anyways.

Once we found out that Orion was getting his new job on the surface of the sun I made a list of things we had to do before we moved. If I had to give up my little slice of Heaven for the surface of the sun I wanted to make sure I did all the things I loved before we moved. Like a good husband he made sure we did all the things on my list. The first thing was go to the beach. I was ok with just going once before we moved because we had three weeks till we left for vacation and we going to have to move before that. Well my sweet man took me to the beach multiple times! Our favorite beach in Morro Bay (to be honest I think he should have proposed there instead of Montanna De Orro, but a girl can't complain when she has a great husband). He bought me my favorite thing in the world (other than him) a red velvet cup cake!
As you can see it was huge. I am guessing the size of my head. Normally I say everything is that size, but this was honestly really huge. I loved every part of it. The best part about my love of red velvet cake is the cream cheese frosting. Orion hates cream cheese so I get to eat it all! I knew I married that man for a reason.
This picture makes the cupcake look smaller than it actually is, but it does show you how must frosting it has. Seriously the place we bought it from must have an unlimited about of sugar because I almost went into a sugar comma after eating this bad boy. That cute little flower on the top was the first thing I ate. It was not as good as it looked.

Any ways I have been missing Morro Bay and walking along the beach where I met my best friend. Hopefully for my birthday we will go back to visit and I can make another list of things I want to do and Orion can work on making it all happen. I think I might skip this particular red velvet cupcake thought going into a sugar comma again does not sound like fun and it was after I scooped off a quarter of the frosting. It was still super yummy but it would get in the way of my current goal for myself. Some of the ladies in my family have formed a club called the "Biggest Winners" and we are working on being a little bit healthier. We put in 10 bucks a month and whoever loses the most weight at the end of the month gets the money. I am pretty excited mostly because I think I have an edge on my Nana, mom, and aunts because I am much younger than them. I have more energy so I hoping to stomp them and when 60 bucks a month. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am going to be honest I miss school. I miss homework and deadlines. I miss learning and being fascinated everyday. Well I learn something new everyday where I am in school or not but I really like, no I would say love, learning things from my classes. In Orion's words I am a forever student. I plan on taking classes at the local community college after I graduate in December. One because I am so in love with learning and two because as long as I am a part time student interest does not starting accumulating on my student loans. Its a win win situation if you ask me. I am also crazy about school shopping. I have this thing with spiral notebooks. I use them all the time. I always have one on my desk to write notes in to help me not forget anything. Plus it helps me when I want to make a list of things I want/need to do. Let me tell you that making a list is second on my list of things I love to do. There is something so amazing about making a list and then working really hard to get things accomplished on that list. It's also nice to know that I am probably not forgetting something important because I have my list to remind me. I can't wait for September to get here well 12th to be exact because it means I get to start school again. I am so happy I just can't wait! (It also means that I get my grant money which means extra money in the bank account that is currently on its last leg, who knew going a month and a half without a pay check would kill a bank account?)

A Gift

Yesterday was my brother-in-law's birthday. His wife called and asked if I could watch the kids so they could go out. I of course said yes because I kind of in love with children in general. When it comes to my nieces and nephews I am just over the moon about them. Well their children take a while to warm up to anyone. In fact when I first met them they would run away screaming bloody murder. If I looked at them they would start crying for their mom. SO to get to a point where I could watch them and they don't scream for their mom the entire time was AMAZING! I felt very accomplished. Orion came with me to watch their children because after all it was a gift for his brother.

We had a pretty easy night watching them. They have three kids and they are watching Bekah's sisters three kids. So Orion and I were watching six kids. I think it was good practice for us. My favorite part of the night was when Owen decided to put on his sisters light up shoes. Normally Owen is not my biggest fan because I am clearly not his mom. But as of the last week or so he has decided that I am not infected with the plague and that I am actually fun to play with. It only took two years but he finally likes me. I could not help but take pictures because it was so cute.
Those are the shoes. They are princess and light up when you walk. I said that I wanted to take a picture of him so he climbed up on a cube/storage thing so I could get a better picture. I knew he liked me. Then I told him to smile but instead he just looked at the shoes while they would light up.
I thought it was precious and a little bit like Tom Cruise walking around in undies and a white T shirt. We had fun last night but we were really tired when we got home. We slept in until 9:30 this morning. I guess that is why you start out with one kid at a time so you can build up to dealing with six children.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A simple answer to my prayer

So since moving to the surface of the sun I have been having a difficult time. I don't really know anyone (other than Orion's parents and his brother and wife), it is really hot, I had to leave my favorite job ever, we have to go forever before we have money coming in, we had to pay a million dollars for his uniforms and a bunch of other things. It has been hard on me and I have been a bit of a mess. A couple of nights I just broke down and cried because I felt like I could not handle it. Lucky for me Orion is really understanding and very comforting. Even luckier for me I have the big guy upstairs on my side. So I prayed for help to get through this difficult time and I prayed for a friend. I felt a little silly, but I know that my Heavenly Father will always be there to listen and help me out. Then came my favorite day of the week Sunday.
I witnessed a miracle. A lady came up to me that apparently use to live in Paso Robles (right by where I use to live) and started talking to me. She asked me how I was doing and was genuinely interested in me. It was so wonderful! Normally whenever people come up to us in church (or even just me) they ask me why we moved here, how we are liking it, where Orion works, where we are from, etc. I guess I just liked that it was questions about me instead of we (as in Orion and I). I am my own person outside of Orion. She invited me to a cooking class and gave me the book for book club next month. It was amazing! We even exchanged numbers. I felt so grateful that Heavenly Father was listening to my prayers and answered them in such a simple way. It made me realize that miracles happen every day, but we might miss them because they are not huge. This little miracle made a huge difference in my life. I felt so much better about myself and living here because one person was interested in me. I have decided that this is one of the friendliest ward I have ever been apart of. It does not even bother me much that most of the ladies are much older than me. We have the gospel in common and that is the best place to start a friendship off of.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little bit surprising

Today Orion picked out a show on Netflix that relates to his work. It was about kids who are breaking the law and don't think they are doing anything bad. It was so sad! In fact one of the girls on the show is from the town I currently live it. Talk about hitting close to home! I cried because I felt so sorry for those girls. I felt sorry that they were so misguided and confused as to what they should be doing with their lives. I am not going to lie it made me a little nervous about my children. A lot of the girls on the show did not have father figures and their mothers had little control over them. It made me so grateful for Orion who will be a wonderful father to our children. Well first we have to have children but I am confident that he will be amazing.

On a side note I was feeling sick this weekend, I blaming it on it being so ridiculously hot here on the surface of the sun. I missed plans that I made and spent the day in front of the fan. My sister-in-law asked me the next day if I was feeling better and what was wrong with me. She asked me if it was morning sickness. I of course told her no. Then one of my friends asked me if I was pregnant. When I was in Utah my brother gave me a bottle of pre natal vitamins and said "just in case". Seriously why is everyone thinking I am pregnant? Just to let you know as far as I know there is no baby in my tummy. Some day there will be. But not yet!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I love love love our new Nissan, Nessy. She is just so cute and loveable. She cost us a bijillion dollars so I think it is one of the reasons I love that car. On the other hand our beast is not a love of mine.
Look how big it is. I am just not in love with this car. Granted it is an ex cop car so it has a great history, but I don't really care. Orion and I are trying to sell it and so far we still own it. I am a little sad. I would rather have money than this car. Silly right? Once we sell this car, which will hopefully be soon, we will only have one car. That means that I am pretty much stuck at home while Orion goes to work unless I drive him. You would think that I would want to have a car for myself so I can leave every once in a while. Turns out I am a little bit crazy and would rather be stuck at home than have to drive the beast around. When school starts up again next month I will be too consumed with homework to even have time to leave the house. This is my last semester and I want to make sure I keep up my 4.0 GPA like I did the last couple of semesters.

To be honest I don't live driving around on the surface of the sun. This town is so much bigger than I am use to and the drivers are not that attentive. I am always a little worried that someone is going to hit me or side swipe my car while they are talking on their phone. Plus the streets here are funky. Like one intersection has six streets coming together and a rail road track! Whoever thought of that intersection was not the brightest person. Some day I am hoping to love the surface of the sun because we are going to be living in this area for at least the next couple of years. I am praying that my heart will be softened to this place, but I am not sure it could ever compare to SLO.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love and Top Ramen

I told my Nana that we are living off of love and top ramen at the moment. It is pretty much a true statement. Orion's new job only pays once a month. That was something we did not know until after he started, so we did not plan for it. After moving, going on vacation, and paying rent and deposit for our new apartment we are a little low on money. Silly us thought Orion would get paid every other week like every other job he has ever had. Sometimes it sucks to be wrong. The good news is that top ramen is cheap and we actually like it, for the most part. We have money for other types of food, but you can't beat a meal that only cost twenty cents when you have to go an entire month before you get any income.

When I told my Nana that we were pretty must dirt poor until Orion gets his first pay check she laughed. She told me that this is the best time of my life. I thought she might have lost her mind a little bit. But the more I think about it the more I agree with her. Yes we have less money than we are use too, but we have each other. It just means we have to be more creative with the things that we do. Today Orion took me to the town he pretty much grew up in. He graduated from high school there and talks about it often. I got to know my sweet husband more and I got to get out of the house. We did not have to spend any money, just gas which thank goodness is a little cheaper on the surface of the sun. I am grateful that we have the opportunity to live off of love and top ramen for the time being. But at the end of the month when Orion gets his first pay check I am going grocery shopping and making him take me to sushi! Did I tell you that his new job is a career job with great benefits and all that jazz? We have a retirement plan and everything. I feel old now, like I am almost a real adult. WEIRD!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All Moved In!

I am so excited that Orion and I have a place of our own now. Don't get me wrong I am grateful that his parents let us stay with them for a week, but I am much happier to have an apartment of my own. The last couple of weeks has been CRAZY for us. Orion quit his job in SLO on a Wednesday and we moved the next day. Then on Saturday (of that same week we went on vacation). When we came back a week later he started his new job. So here we are a couple of weeks later hundreds of dollars poorer, but with an apartment of our own. It is huge compared to our old place, which I lovingly call the shoe. We have TWO bedrooms (perfect for when we start having babies), a washer and dryer (no more going to the laundry mat! we are living the high life), and my personal favorite a linen closet. I have a place for extra blankets, towels and pillows. It almost makes moving to the surface of the sun worth it. ALMOST....

Now I am jobless (I miss my sweet pep and sausage) and out of school for the time being. I have so much time on my hands and not enough motivation to do much. I am hoping and praying for another part time nanny job. I am just crazy about little kids and a tad bit baby hungry. So being a nanny is the perfect job for me, at least at the moment. My last job just fell into my lap so I am hoping that it will happen again. So pray for me? My last semester starts in September and come December I will be a graduate! Then I will have to get a real job or start having babies. I am secretly hoping for the second option, but I have some student loans to pay off from before we got married. School should be free or it should have a payment plan that is affordable, I am just saying. If I get some more motivation I will post pictures of our apartment. I think it is the best decorated of any apartment we have had.