Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moving to the Central Valley from the Central Coast has not been my favorite. In fact there have been many times that I have cried and wished we could move back. I thought about all the great things the Central Coast has to offer. Many my old job with the cutest boys in the world. Not having a job has really taken a toll on my self confidence. So I have pretty much been an unhappy rut since we moved here. But today something really sunk it. I need to be humble and stop wasting my time focusing on things I don't have.

I no longer live in a place where I know lots of people and never got lost. I no longer feel confident going out on my own because I don't know where I am going. I don't have a job right now, but that's OK! There are plenty of things I don't have, but there is SO much that I do have. Mr. O has a job that supports us without me needing to work. We have insurance and money in the bank (not a lot but some). We have a car that runs great and can afford to fill our gas tank up. I have so much yet I have been so stuck on things I no longer have.

I met a lady today who is a single mom with two children. She has no car and no job. She can barely pay her rent and she does not have a phone. I gave her a ride home today so she did not have to walk home with her children. Even though her life is hard she is a very happy lady. It humbled me to see her and her excitement about life and the gospel. I am so blessed with all I have and this woman taught me that without saying a word. Her smile changed my out look on life.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My new obsession

I have recently learned how to make clothe flowers and I am obsessed! I love making them. I am not sure what I think it is so fun but I do. I just excited that I have so many to pin on a shirt/jackets and to clip in my hair. Also I am excited to have a gift I can make my nieces for Christmas. Now I just need to find something that I can make for my nephews. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Vineyard

Our church has a welfare vineyard that Mr. O and I were lucky enough to volunteer in. Our church donates all the raisins made from the vineyard (100%) to those in need. If there is a natural disaster somewhere or simply someone does not have enough money for food those raisins are given to them. There are lots of other welfare crops our church grows, but we only live near the vineyard.

It was such a uplifting experience to work in the vineyard. Knowing that a couple of hours that I put in was going to help feed thousands of people in need. I did not even mind that my clothes turned brown because of all of the dirt and I was soaking wet from all of the dew.
These are our shoes after we tried to clean them off. Silly me for wearing white shoes. I had no idea just how dirty we would get. The next morning I woke up really sore but happy. I am grateful to know that I can help those in need even if I never meet them.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Group Date!

I have forgotten how much fun a group date can be. When I was single I use to go on group dates all the time! They were the best. Now that I am an old married lady (just kidding I am far from old, almost 22) I have not been on a double date for awhile. Lucky for me an assignment I had for my group dynamics class was to go on a group date. That is even better than a double date in my opinion.

So I planned everything out and invited two married couples over. It was a success. I made home made pizza dough, my favorite thing to make, and each couple made their own pizza. So yummy! Let me know if you want the super easy recipe. I am serious it takes less than five minutes to make and it is delicious!

Mr. O and I went to the store that day to buy a game to play with everyone. We own one board game. I say it is because I get a little intense when it comes to games. I just want to win at all costs. It can get ugly so I try to avoid playing games for that reason. But Mr. O had a great idea about a game to play.
 This is not my picture. I got it from Google images. I pretty sure the website it came from was in a different language.
Catch Phrase! Such a fun game. I did not get overly aggressive either. Go me! Although I did say that the boys were cheating when they started to win points. We played boys against girls. That is the funnest way to play I think and its easier to understand clues from the same sex, at least I think it is. We played best 2 out of 3 to see who the best team was. GIRLS WON! Not that I am bragging or anything. Who knew homework assignments could be fun?

For a class I took about marriage I had to go on a date with Mr. O a couple semesters ago. I love it when my classes help me build my relationships with other people especially my husband. I guess it also helps that I am minoring in Marriage and Family Relations and Communication. Those two have helped my marriage TONS!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


The other day I did something new. It seems like I have been doing a lot of new things lately. It is a good thing I think because it is forcing me to become a better person. I gave blood this week! The first time ever. I even got a sticker to prove it.
They stuck that huge sticker on me so everyone knew I was new. It was kind of scary. I have never been a fan of needles. They have always scared me. I took a speech class a couple of semesters ago that taught me a great thing. I learned that nervousness is a learned response. I think it is true. So I have decided to get over my fears because for the most part they are silly. Being afraid of a needle is silly. When my friend asked me to join he to give blood I said yes. I then felt scared because it meant that I would be willingly having someone stick me with a needle. Then I told myself that it was for a good cause.
I even got a cool color arm wrap. They failed to mention that I would be tired after giving blood. When I got home and tried to work on homework I found it hard to focus. Instead I watched some Mythbusters, because I love all things science related and vegged out. It felt wonderful and Mr. O laughed at me when he got off work. I told him he had to do everything for me because I had to rest.
He did get me water and told me to go to bed. He thought it was cute that I stayed awake till he got home from work even though I was really tired. I did not tell him that I took a nap earlier. I felt great knowing that I was able to help other people out. It only took seven minutes to give my blood and then I got to eat all the sugary foods I wanted. This did not go so well with my attempt at being healthier, but I figured it was for a good cause. I did not want to pass out so I had to eat an ice cream. It is what the people at the blood bank told me to do. :) Have you ever given blood? I think I am going to do it more often because I love knowing that I am helping other people. Plus I got a coupon for a free pumpkin! I also got coupons for other stuff as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I made something!

Can I just tell you how excited I was last night. I made something all by myself and it is cute! At least I think it is. I watched a tutorial video how to make and then I did it! I am super proud of myself. I feel like that soon enough I will be crafty. I just have to take baby steps.
It's a flower that you can put in your hair or pin to a shirt. You can't really tell in this picture, but in the far away one you can tell a little better.
I could not wait for Mr. O to come home so I could show him. He of course said it was cute after he asked what it was. It looks better in real life. Maybe I will pin it to a shirt, take a picture, and then post it on here. So you can see it better. I know I am kinda lame for being so excited about this carnation puff flower but I can't help myself.

Friday, October 7, 2011


The other day I was cleaning on the desk drawer and found this little guy. It is a key to our old apartment in SLO. When we moved in our landlord gave us three keys even though it was just Mr. O and I living there. When we moved out we turned in our keys, but forget about this guy. Apparently our landlord forgot as well because we got our full deposit back. Is it bad that I went to keep this key forever to remind me that I lived in SLO? Maybe you should not answer that.

Just for the record the key is laying on my daily planner I never use. I bought it so I could have something pretty to write my homework in, but I caved and went back to my spiral notebook. I keep the daily planner on my desk because I like to look at it. I wish I could have couch pillows with that pattern on it over even a comforter. Although, I think Mr. O would think its too girly.

My Favorite month

I will have you know that October is my favorite month out of the entire year. In fact when I was little I would say all of the months of the year starting with October. It was simply how the months went in my mind. It was a sad day when I realized that the months started with January. Of course I am biased when it comes to October because its my birthday month! Also it has Halloween and I was 2 days old for my first one. Lets not forget that Fall actually starts in October, at least in my mind.

A most glorious thing happened just a few days ago. IT RAINED! Oh halleluiah! I was so excited I put on my favorite socks. 
They are knee high toe socks. Yes I am almost 22 and still wear toe socks. Some things you simply don't out grow. Plus Mr. O bought them for me for an anniversary present. He bought them at a place in down town SLO called the Sock Drawer. It is such a fun little store to go into. They have a million pairs of socks in as many different varieties. In fact the first pair Mr. O bought me had a whole in them so I went to exchange them. I had my receipt in ready to prove I bought them, but the shop owner saw the whole and told me to just pick out a new pair. No signing anything or proving I bought the socks in a certain period of time. It was lovely and made me want to continue to go there.

Here on the surface of the sun (which is no longer so hot) grapes are turning into raisins. Well that is the plan anyways. Turns out I am suppose to wait to pray for rain until after the raisins are dried and ready to ship. I will have to remember that for next time. Speaking of grapes I found a huge one and attempted to take a picture. If you had not noticed my camera is not so great and neither or my picture taking skills.
It was bigger than a quarter. I even saved it to show Mr. O when he came home from work.
Can you tell that it is bigger round than it is high? Just take my word for it that it was a huge grape. It took a lot for me to not eat it at the time because I heart grapes. My mom never bought them growing up because she thought they were too pricey. One of the perks of living on the surface of the sun is that grapes are grown here so they are relatively cheap! Where I use to live plenty of grapes were grown, but they were for the wineries.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I know that you all were worried about Orion's missing pay check. Wait, that was just me? Dang! I have good news the paycheck was found in a locked box in a locked room at work. Weird I know but what can you do. I was so excited when he brought it home I almost took a picture of it to post here. Then I realized that would be a little weird.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I got online so I could work on homework. Then I decided I would just check out The next thing I knew it was almost 11 o'clock. I got on at 10 something to do a little reading before Orion got home, but I got so caught up in looking at recipes and DIY projects. I really want to be crafty, but I am not really creative at all. At least pinterest helps me think I am crafty. Maybe it will come some day.

I made a friend in my ward that is crafty. She introduced me to pinterest. I am hoping she can teach me how to be more creative. Although, it might not help me focus on my last semester of college. Curse you senoritas!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Orion's pay check is missing. MISSING!!!! I tell you it is MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did it go? Great question. Did we spend it already? Nope! It is missing. Your guess is as good as mine as to where it currently is. We signed up for direct deposit through his work. That way we get (should) paid a day earlier than getting an actual check. Well payday comes and no deposit. Ok, I thought maybe they have not set direct deposit up yet. They told us it would take a month. Orion has worked there for two months now so we figured it would be set by now. NOPE! I was not thrilled, but figured he could just pick the check up at work the next day. Turns out there was not even a pay stub waiting for Orion. NOTHING! No check, no pay stub, no money!

I am a little bit upset. Thank goodness we have money in the bank or else we would not be able to pay the bills. I like having a place to live, food to eat, and gas in my car. Call me selfish, but if you work for an entire month you expect to get paid by the end of it. But here I sit 3 days after pay day with no pay check (well Orion's pay check). That brings me to my plea to all of you readers. I need a job. It seems like everybody needs a job these days. I just want some ideas of places to work or even ideas of starting my own little business. That is my dream to one day own a business. The sound of being my own boss is magical I think. I am open for ideas, suggestions, tips, donations (just kidding), anything really. So what do you think I should do?