Friday, October 25, 2013

We Are Moving!

I am so excited to be moving and really sad at the same time. It is funny how you can have two opposite emotions at the same time. We are moving back to the coast for work. Orion got a job over there where he will literally be making twice as much money! SWEET! On the down side the cost of apartments over there is more expensive, but not twice as expensive so we are still coming out on top. Plus we plan to retire there so it is perfect.

 Back when we lived on the coast and went to the beach regularly. Life pre little lady.
Poor little Adilyn will have to adjust to a new room for the fourth well fifth time in her short life. So many rooms for that little girl. First we all shared a room, then she became a big girl and moved into her own room (we all slept much better this way). Then we moved into Orion's parents house (curse those visas for not coming in for the couple that we were suppose to move into their house. If only they went on their missions when they were suppose to. We could have been living in a house at the moment. Sigh. One day). Then we moved here. A two bedroom town house. Now we are moving to a three bedroom town house. You know so when we decide to have another baby. Then that baby gets their own room. Hopefully we won't be moving so much in that babies life. So that makes the grand total of five bedrooms for my little lady in 15 months of life. Yikes!

Here is to living in the same place for awhile. Our plan is to live in the town house until we are ready to buy a house. When did I get old enough to even think about that?