Friday, January 31, 2014

Phone Pictures

 Adilyn loves going shopping with my momma. She knows that my mom will get her whatever is in her reach.
 When your daddy is in law enforcement you are bound to get into "trouble". As a prank gift someone gave Orion a pair of fake handcuffs. Adilyn found them and thinks they are so much fun. She will even dance in them.
 One of our many trips to Morro Bay. We just can't go a week without going to the beach. We have to make up for the time we lived in the Central Valley.
 My sweet lady being a big girl. She eats snacks and colors at the table. She also has a sweet mullet going on. I just can't bring myself to cut her hair.
 Our happy place in the beach.
Clearly we are so happy to play in the sand. Check out Adilyn's sweet glasses. No need for plastic sides here. She has a sweet headband to keep those stunna shades on.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We love to play!

Our local park is pretty cool. Adilyn and I go there regularly. I walk a couple laps while she hang out in the stroller. I am trying to walk 2-3 miles a day at least five days a week. Plus bikes rides and running after Adilyn all the time. This momma wants to get in shape before we have another baby. Then I have to start all over again ;) Lucky for me Adilyn loves her stroller which allows me to get my exercise in. Then she gets hers in by playing at the park. My favorite feature of this park is the "spider web", the cool little kids call it this. Adilyn is not big enough to really climb it by herself, but that does not stop her from trying. Lucky for her daddy helps out after his run. 
It is so cool! It is fun to play on as a kid or an adult. Orion tries to climb on it by himself but Adilyn always wants in on the action.

 There is a seat in the middle of the web so you can take a little break from climbing. Or your mom can tell you to sit long enough to take your picture.
 Here is our little brave monkey sitting on her own. I let her climb on this the other day and she totally fell off. She was fine though. She was only a foot or so off the ground. She cried for thirty seconds, spit out the wood chips and tried climbing again. She is a tough little girl.
 Dress up is our favorite pass time. She is such a little fashionista. We let her pick out her shoes and sometimes her outfits. But she always picks out her accessories. Sunglasses are a new go to item. But hats are still number one in her book.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dress Up

To pass the time Adilyn likes to play dress up. She will put random things on like a mess bag on her head, an empty bag of chips, my socks, scarf, and so much more. She always keeps us entertained.

She wanted to wear my scarf, but it was too long to wear regularly. So we improvised. She clearly loved it. My little ham.
I trimmed the chip bag and she decided it made a perfect hat.
 One morning while I was getting her dressed she wanted to wear he combat boots. My mom loves buying Adilyn clothes and shoes. Adilyn has a full wardrobe until she is three at least, which of course includes shoes. Her little combat boots are too big for her at the moment but that does not matter. She will stomp around upstairs in them all the time. I told her to stand still so I could take her picture. So of course she started dancing around. 

The she decided to suck in her tummy and stand still. I just love my little actress. She is always good for a laugh.

For the love of food

 Adilyn is our little piggy. She just loves to eat and then run around. She burns off everything she eats and quickly as she can. She is always on the go. I have started giving her raspberry jam on her toast. She has fallen in love. Now some mornings she will point to the toaster and sign "more". If I don't start toasting her bread she will cry and start pointing to the fridge and sign "more". She is a girl who knows what she wants.
 Oh the joys of jam.
 She just can't get enough toast these days.
 Later that day Orion decided to make cookies. In our house we have Kayde size cookies, which are regular size ones and Orion size cookies. As you can tell by the picture Orion size cookies are huge! It is almost the size of Adilyn's head. Of course she wanted to eat the cookie on her own.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun Times with Adilyn

 Adilyn is such a fun loving lady. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. So when Orion thought about making her hair stand up she loved it.
 Her hair is getting so long.
 She loves to get up close and personal when we take her picture. Those blue eyes are just the best. I hope she keeps them. Although I had blue eyes when I was little and now they are green.
 She just loves playing with her daddy.
 She also loves to steal his hat. In reality it is her hat now. She is the only one who wears it. She randomly puts it on throughout the day.
 Then she starts walking around until you start laughing.
It amazes me that she does not run into walls when she does this.

These are the pictures from our church Christmas party. She was not really a fan of Santa until she started to eat the candy cane. Of course Santa could not help but laugh at she trying to wiggle out of his arms. It was pretty funny. Even when she is having a little melt down she still can make someone smile.