Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am pretty much brilliant

Finishing your degree online can be pretty lonely. It also requires lots of papers to be written. I hate writing papers late at night because it is so quiet and I am such a chicken when I am home alone. I don't want to turn on music or a movie because I would get distracted. But then I got a brilliant idea! Listen to your wedding mix! I made the soundtrack to my reception like a month after I got engaged. Music is important to me because it connects my thoughts and my feelings into something beautiful. I did not do much planning for my wedding/reception because I did not really care. All I wanted to do was marry my best friend. But when it came to the music that was going to be played I was all over that. I am so glad I did. I don't think it really mattered to anyone at my reception, but it meant so much to me.

Now I can listen to the music and be reminded about that wonderful day that I married my sweet husband. I don't even care that the day of our reception was a day from hell. (Do you remember all the horrible things that happened that day? Showing up five minutes before it started without make up, hair, or anything done. It did not matter because I was married forever to my best friend.) I can't help but smile when I hear the music we danced to and all the wonderful people who were there. I realized that I can whip up a paper at super speed when I listen to my wedding play list. I am in such a good mood I can do anything, even write a paper about something that seems silly. Have you ever made a play list for a special occasion?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My least favorite thing about Orion's new job = 16 hour shifts. I hate sleeping by myself! It's the worst. Orion worked another double shift last night, I cried. It was mostly because he had worked a double just two days before and I was feeling lonely. When he works doubles he comes home takes a shower goes to bed. When he wakes up he goes to work and when he gets home from work he goes to bed. It's lonely. But today he woke up at 11 so we had some time to spend together. I have no idea how he is even functioning on only four hours of sleep after staying up all night long. I am just grateful that I have him.

When we lived in SLO sometimes Orion would bring up flowers for me or chocolate covered pretzels. He did sometimes for no reason and sometimes when I told him I was having a bad day. Well a couple months ago he brought home some sunflowers (my favorite flowers in the world) when I was having a bad day. He told that I had to take a picture and put it on our blog. That way people would know that he is a good husband. I took the picture and forgot to post it. Does that make me a bad wife? I am going with no. Better late than never right?
It's not a very good picture, but it gets the point across. My husband loves me especially on my bad days. On a side note Orion has a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow. It's super lame that his weekends are actually during the week, but I will take what I can get. Yay for having an extra long weekend because of Furloughs. Boo for having to take a Furlough day every other week because it means less pay. Furloughs are another love/hate relationship I have. Ever since moving to the surface of the sun I have developed multiple love/hate relationships.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's It

Have you ever had one of these bad boys? If you answered no I think you should go out and get yourself one. That is if they sell them in your store. I don't know if it is just a California thing. Anyways these guys are so delicious! They also hold a special place in my heart. The night Orion proposed to me we drove over to Fresno to tell his family. Afterwards I wanted some ice cream and decided to try this out. I had never heard of it before and figured it was worth a shot. Best decision ever! Ok second best because saying yes to Orion's proposal was the first best decision ever.

The best part about this ice cream sandwich is the oatmeal cookies! How many ice cream sandwiches are made with oatmeal cookies? I can't think of any. It makes me feel like it is a tiny bit healthy for me. It is lightly covered in dark chocolate. Now wait before you roll your eyes and say "gross dark chocolate" hear me out. I dislike dark chocolate a lot, but this lovely like guy does not taste like dark chocolate at all. It just takes like pure goodness.

Orion and I bought a pack the other night when we went to the grocery store at midnight. He gets off work at 11 so going to the store at midnight is not that weird for us. What is weird is that only three sandwiches come in a box. I either beg Orion to let me have the second one for another time or we share it later. Whenever I feel like reliving the day Orion proposed to me I buy a box of these ice cream sandwiches and smile at how lucky I am.

I survived

You would think after spending twenty or so years sleeping by myself that I would have no problem doing it now. Turns out I have a horrible time sleeping without Orion next to me. I have never been able to do on my own. I need my trusty friend Melatonin to get me to sleep. Last night Orion had to work a double, which meant he had to work over night. He went in at 3 pm and got home at 7 am. Talk about a long day!

I am happy to report I survived the night and slept through most of it. Of course I stayed up as last as possible to make me really tired and I took some Melatonin. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The down side is that Orion is currently sleeping right now and when he wakes up he will have to go to work. Boo for having to hang out by myself for pretty much two days.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh Fresno

I kind of have a love hate relationship with Fresno. I hate it because its way too huge, the population is something over 400,000. That is too many people in my book. I love it because it has museums, which my little heart is set on going to (the upside of having a huge population is more people have a desire to have a great museum or plays to go to). Do you see how this love hate relationship works? I hate (I am really not a fan of the word hate so lets change it to dislike) I dislike Fresno because it is full of smog. I can't see the mountains because there is way too much smog that only goes away when it rains and even then it is only gone for a little while. I love Fresno because it has a Temple!

                                                  (This picture is not mine I stole it off of Google)
Fresno having a Temple pretty much makes up for all the things that I don't like about. It even makes me forget that I am now 2.5 hours from the beach. Orion and I went to the Temple today and it was so wondering. It was great to be able to spend some time away from our regular lives to just sit and think about what is truly important. It really gives you perspective when you enter into the house of the Lord. I wish I could have stayed there all day long. It is so quiet and peaceful there. There is nothing that could be more beautiful yet so simple.

So I love living so close to the Temple, but I dislike living so far away from everything that I am use to. I love knowing that Orion is at a job that is an actual career job, but I dislike that I don't have a job (I miss pepperoni and sausage! I have their picture up on my fridge). I love that I have a semi huge (compared to the shoe) apartment to live in, but I dislike vacuuming it. I am always trying to con Orion into doing it. I have gotten so lazy about cleaning since we moved here. I think it is because I have been in such a rut. I am working on getting over myself and being happy that I am so blessed. It's going to take some time, but living so close to the Temple will help me get my act together. If nothing else it will help me do more service for others. I figure that is better than nothing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Week

The first week of my last semester has ended! I can't believe that in 13 weeks I will be a college graduate. I still have no idea what I am going to do after I graduate. That part of the plan was never really thought about. I just always thought about how I wanted to say I graduated college. I figured everything else would simply fall into place. So here I am waiting....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Lobster!

Let me tell you a little secret, I love sea food. I think it is so yummy and I would eat it everyday if I could. No wonder Orion calls me a fish!

So on Monday after I worked all day long on classes because I finally started them! I am so excited about my classes by the way. Orion decided he wanted to go see a movie in Fresno. The only movie I would agree to watch was Captain America and it was pretty good. After the movie I was starving so I insisted that Orion take me to dinner. (I know what you are thinking, hey they are poor how do they have money to go to a movie and dinner?) Answer we sold our second car and I got my grant which means we are not so poor at the moment. I wanted sushi really really bad but we could not find one/Orion remember where one was near by that he liked and was not overly priced. As you have guessed by the title of the post we went to Red Lobster, which was second on my list of places to go to eat.

They had a special going where you could buy all you can eat shrimp for 16 bucks a person. What a deal! Our waitress was amazing and kept bringing us food.
That is just the plates of the food she brought us after we were stuffed. It was all so delicious! Even after we got our to go boxes she brought another two plates of grilled shrimp. Oh man those little guys were OUTSTANDING!
I told Orion to smile but he is not very good at taking pictures. Silly guy. Good thing I love him so much.
This was just my to go box and shrimp that I decided to leave. Orion's to go box looked the same! We ended up having the left overs for lunch the next day. I was in heaven. As much shrimp as my heart could take and cheesy bread rolls. Best date night if you ask me. As we were leaving I thought about how this was not going with my goal of eating healthier. OOPS! I did order a salad and broccoli to go with the pasta and bread shrimp. That counts a little right?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day

We sold the Cop Car! I was so very very excited to see it go. I was not in love with that car and it is cheaper for us to have one car right now. We are saving over forty dollars a month on our insurance by having only one car. At the moment we need to save as much money as possible. We sold it to a guy named Tim who is getting married soon. He is Mormon too! Oh craigslist you are constantly showing me how small the world really is. Thanks Tim for buying our car, I hope it is wonderful to you and you love it more than I ever did.

The next day I got my grant money from school! I am so excited! Since we moved here I have been stressing out about money. Orion is making more an hour but a billion dollars is being taken out for health care, retirement, and taxes so we are not bringing home as much as we thought we would. Needless to say we needed to be extra careful when it comes to money. But then we sold our car and got my grant money. It is so wonderful to know that Heavenly Father is always looking out for us. It seems that whenever we get into tight financial situations, as long as we are faithful and pay our tithing, the Lord ALWAYS blesses us. Seriously! We ALWAYS find a way to make it through. Whether it be selling my parents fish tanks they did not want (we got to keep the money and my parents even paid us to get rid of them), driving to Oakland to help out Orion's brother (everything was paid for and we got paid to go up there), or getting a call to babysit out of the blue. When it comes down to the wire I know that God is always there to help us out. The answers or help might not come when we think they should, but they come when it is the right time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Do you know about fish? Well I know a little something about them. I had a break through the other day. I was talking to Orion and I realized something. The words spilled out of my mouth and I was shocked to hear myself. I am like a fish. If you put a fish in a small tank they will stay the same size. There is no need for them to grow because they are already big enough for the tank. But, if you take that same fish and put it in a bigger tank it will grow. It will get bigger because it is necessary to survive. (On a side note this only works over a long period of time and it's different for every fish). Well I was the perfect size for my little tank in SLO. I was so comfortable I had no reason to grow or challenge myself. Now that I live on the surface of the sun the tank is huge! I am not use to being surrounded by so many fish that I don't know. I need to grow in order to survive. With that attitude I am happy to announce that I am no longer looking at living here as something that I have to endure, but as something that will help me better myself. I now have the opportunity to grow and become even stronger. I guess the surface of the sun is not that bad.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Future Job

Please come find me like you did the last couple of times. All I am asking for is a part time job because graduating is more important than working. (On a side note I have a problem remembering which then/than to use in sentences. A little help would be great. My 8th grade English teacher would be ashamed of me if she ever found out about my little problem.) Last time I needed a job it just fell into my lap. A lady came up to me in church and asked if I wanted to be a nanny. Seeing as how I just finished a summer nanny job it worked out perfectly. The summer nanny job was just handed to me as well. So if that could happen again it would be great. Part time nanny job for someone (hopefully in my church so they won't want me to work on Sunday) is all I am asking for. Would it be too much to pray that it happens a third time? Well I am asking because it never hurts to ask for blessings. Don't worry I am looking for other jobs too, but to be honest I don't want to work retail again. Here's hoping that I can find a job I love other than/then being a full time student.