Friday, August 30, 2013

Girls Day

This week we went over to the coast to visit my momma! Orion had work things to do so Adilyn and I hung out with my mom for the day. It was so much fun. We went to lunch (sushi) my mom and I's favorite. Then we did some thrift store shopping. Who does not love a good deal? On the drive back to my mom's house Adilyn passed out. She was so tired. She did the same thing on the way home later that night. It was a long day for her.
It was so nice to spend the dad with my momma and my baby. Three generations just hanging out. I can't wait for the day that I get to live near my mom again. I sure do miss her and so does Adilyn.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Phone love

 Adilyn loves to play with daddy's shirts while I put away laundry.
 She just can't help herself.
 Mid tornado mode. I swear that girl can make a mess in five minutes flat!
 I just love this picture. She is too cute.
 My little swimmer.

 Playing dress up.
 Adilyn just loves her daddy and never wants me to take her picture with him.
Here is the evidence. I just love my little girl. She is the best thing that has happened to me. She also makes my life so tiring some times. Without the lows of parenthood I could not enjoy the highs at much as I do.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Being Prepared

Two nights ago the power went out. We had a freak thunder storm. It came out of nowhere. I had just gotten out of the shower when the power went out. Thank goodness for that. I can't imagine how freaked out I would have been had the power went out while I was showering. Adilyn was already asleep and surprisingly she slept through the entire storm. The loud thunder and lightening did not stir her at all. What a good sleeper she is.

All of our neighbors went outside. It was twilight and they apparently did not have candles or flashlights. So they opened their doors and windows to get light. Once it got dark they left their homes because they could no longer see inside. They were no prepared. We just took out some candles and we were set. We were not worried, well I was a little worried that Adilyn would wake up scared. But we could see just fine because we had prepared for things like this. It totally ruined my plan to watch a movie for date, but that is ok.

I started thinking about how important it is to prepare. You never know when the power will go out or you lose a job or anything else along those lines. We need to prepare for a disaster the best we can while we can. So we are not scared when the lights go out or go hungry. So from now on I am going to try my best to prepare a little more each month for the future. I don't want to be one of those people who have to leave because they have nothing to help them in an emergency.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Adilyn loves to play in the sand! She just finds it so interesting. She loves to hold it up high and then watch it fall down. Then of course she likes to eat it and everything else possible. On our morning walk today she found a snail and tried to eat it. I just about barfed. I carried her in like she had a disease and made Orion clean her off. She had slime everywhere. But that is not the point of this post.
 This picture are from our trip to Yosemite. We went to a little stream that had a "sandy" beach.  It had sand and small rocks. Adilyn was in heaven. She also loves to collect rocks. Once she figures out she has pockets I am sure I will be pouring rocks out of them when I do laundry.
 It is hard to tell in this picture but she is so excited to be playing in the sand.

 Covered in dirt, her favorite way to be.

 Tossing up the sand just to watch it fall.
She finally is getting enough hair that she does not look bald. Also she is getting little curls. It is so cute.
Proof that I don't just take pictures of Adilyn when we go places. This is the only picture that Orion actually smiled for. The rest of them he just made weird faces.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Over the weekend we went to Yosemite! It was so much fun. Orion took a "short" when we first left that added a half hour to our drive. Adilyn ended up screaming because the sun was in her eyes and she was soooooooooooo tired. She finally fall asleep though. We were all happy when that happened. Then we got stuck in a long line to get into the park and she woke up. Even though she got horrible naps she had a good day.

Gorgeous right? It is so amazing there. It was so wonderful to get out of the valley and smog. The fresh air was so lovely. It was rather packed though. We still really enjoyed ourselves.

 Here we are at Glacier Point. It is at the top of one of the mountains. It was super high up. I got a little scared looking down and having my little baby so close to the edge.
 Of course as long as daddy had her she was having a great time.

We are a little horrible at taking family pictures.
 She hates looking at the camera when I try to take pictures with her.
With Orion she has no issues looking at the camera. She totally has a favorite....
It was so nice to have a family trip. We got to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and not die of heat! The summers in the valley are so hot!!!! I feel like we live on the surface of the sun. I of course forgot to grab the sunscreen as I was packing for our trip. I remembered everything else, but the sunscreen. I was the only one who got burnt though. Orion and Adilyn actually tan unlike me. I just turn into a lobster. Those lucky dogs.