Monday, August 30, 2010

What Dreams May Come

Have you seen this movie? I know it is a little old, it came out in the 90's. Its younger than me so I guess it is not that old. It is really good in my opinion. I guess this movie hits home a little more for me know that I am married. The basis of the movie is the husband (Robin Williams) goes to Hell to find his wife. His wife committed suicide after Robin Williams dies. I know what you are thinking, Kayde this does not sound like a good movie at all. Just wait it gets better, I promise. SO he goes to Hell to save his wife, or stay with her in Hell because he wants to be with her no matter what. He leaves Heaven to go to Hell just so he can be with his wife, now that is a committed husband. In the movie their love is so strong that it can bring the wife out of the depths of Hell because they are soul mates. Orion and I watched this movie last night and I cried. I asked Orion if he would give up Heaven to be with me if I am stuck in Hell. What he said was really cute "Being with you is Heaven no matter where we are". Aww I love my husband. So I am about to ruin the end of the movie, Robin Williams ends up saving his wife and bringing her to Heaven, where their children are. I forgot to mention the kids were killed in a car accident four years before the husband died. Anyways the reason I like this movie so much is that it expresses the fact that true love conquers all, even in death. I know I am little bit cheesy, but I just cant help myself.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What an adventure!

Well all of last week I was REALLY sick. I went to the hospital Saturday morning/Friday night. It was midnight and I was in so much pain. I felt like dying instead of dealing with the pain. SO my sweet husband took me to the hospital. We got there at midnight and did not leave until 5 AM!!!!!!!!!!! Death was knocking on our door if we stayed any longer. Orion is not someone who deals well with staying up super late. I was laying on the hospital bed drugged up and getting hydrated, while Orion sat next to me holding my hand trying his best not to be grouchy. I had spent a good amount of time in the waiting room crying because it hurt so bad, poor Orion wanted so bad to doing something to make me feel better but he could not. When they were putting the IV in my arm he could not watch. He said he left the room because he needed to get some water and go to the bathroom. I know he really could not handle seeing someone cause me pain and knowing he could nothing to stop them. After a couple hours of fluid being pumped into me, morphine, and medicine I don't remember we left the hospital. I was in a lot less pain and was very sleepy.

I was able to sleep for 4 hours until the pain came back full force. So instead of waking Orion up to drive me to the store to pick up my pain medicine I walked. It is only two blocks away, by the time I got there my head felt like it was going to explode. So I called Orion and had him pick me up. He came with a smile on his face and love in his embrace. I really am so lucky to have a husband like him. If I got four hours of sleep so did Orion, but he stayed up with me to make me food and make sure I took my medicine. After food and medicine I felt sleepy again, but Orion could not fall asleep again. So I slept while he waited for me to wake up. I spent most of the day in and out of contentiousness. By the next day I was feeling better and was able to make breakfast for myself, which was toast because my medicine made food sound not so appealing.

I am still taking medicine to help me get better but I am back to cooking and eating normal amounts of food. The doctor said I had strep throat REALLY bad and I was REALLY dehydrated. I was a lot sicker than I realized and it got really bad pretty fast. That is the most exciting thing that has been going on lately. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am a sucker for breakfast! I think it is the best meal in the world. Whenever I go to a place that serves breakfast all day long, nine times out of ten I will order breakfast no matter the time of day. Now Orion is a pretty good cook, but prefers that I cook dinner because he has worked all day long. To this request I happily say yes. It seems like a fair deal. At the moment I am not working or going to school, it is so weird to have all day to do what I please. I find myself wishing I was more creative, but that is not the point of this post. If I am going to make dinner every night Orion is going to make breakfast on the weekends. This is a great deal if I do say so myself. Lucky for me Orion is great at making breakfast and sometimes when I am not feeling up to making dinner he will make breakfast for dinner. Seriously how could I ask for a better husband?!? Well I asked him to make me a face for breakfast this Sunday and he happily did so. He made biscuits, along with eggs and bacon. Here is the result.
I know it looks a little funny because the biscuit cheeks are a little off, but it was delicious! Orion is really good at making food look like faces. On a semi random note we have been married for 4 months now! It is crazy how time flies when you are not paying attention. Before I know it we will have been married for a year and then a life time. I am so glad I was able to marry my best friend and look forward to many more breakfasts with him.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A bucket list

I read a friend's blog the other day and she had a bucket list posted on there. It got me thinking, what do I want to do before I die? What would I want to put on my bucket list. This was a rather interesting subject to think about. I spent a couple days thinking about it and as I was falling asleep last night I thought of the answer. I do this a lot, that is think about things before I fall asleep.

This what I cam up with.... I want to live before I kick the bucket. I want to live everyday and enjoy my journey through life. I want to make mistakes and learn from them. I want to progress towards the person I know I should be. I want to love more than I ever thought possible. As I was making this list in my head I realized I am living my bucket list, I am making mistakes left and right and learning along the way. As I realized this I knew that I could not go through this life alone. I became so grateful for my wonderful husband. My sweet sweet husband. He makes me feel better and holds me close while I cry. And let me tell you that I have had many tears so far in our marriage. Most of the time it was over work or school, the only realm in my life that Orion is not a part of. This has brought us so much closer because I have let Orion into the part of my life that normally only I know about.

Also as each day goes on I realize that I am falling more and more in love with my husband. I also realize how blessed I am and I thank the Lord everyday. I thank him for letting me lose my job and giving me obstacles that slow my path. It helps me realize that I need to slow down and humble myself. So here it is my bucket list.

1. Fall in love with my husband more everyday
2. Continue to strive to be humble no matter how hard life gets
3. Enjoy the journey no matter where it takes you or how difficult it can be

Orion helping me up on our wedding day and helping reach higher ground everyday of our life together. I am so glad I can spend forever with my best friend and help him up whenever he needs it. So far our journey has not been very long, but I look forward to working on my bucket list with the best person I know.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Deep fried and Sandy

Last week was very exciting. Well towards the end of the week it got exciting. Orion and I went to the Fair for our date night. Let me tell you I have not eaten so much fair food in my life! A friend of mine talked about about deep fried Oreo's and said they were so yummy. I was a little skeptical at first, but I told Orion about it anyways. He was all for this idea. In fact when we were talking about going to the fair he kept telling me that we have to get the Oreo's. As we walked into the fair they search people's bag for food and drinks. Orion was worried they were looking for weapons and that they would take his knife away. I told him he had nothing to worry about. Although now that I am thinking about it someone could have taken a gun or something like that into the fair and no one would know. The security is not very good. After walking around and enjoying the sights it was time to find the deep fried Oreo's. Orion said we would walk around the entire fair until we got the yummy food. So we finally found the stand and had some choices to make. Deep fried Oreo's, Twinkie, Snickers, or Peanut Butter cup? I told Orion he could pick because it all sounded kind of gross.
Turns out they tasted like warm cake! Orion wanted to go back later and get a deep fried Twinkie but I told him no.

On Saturday we took the little boys I watch to the beach! It was so much fun. Orion made a huge sand castle with Austin. Konner and I enjoyed watching the waves and throwing sand. I swear Orion is just a grown up sized kid. When we left the beach he was dirtier than the boys. Austin liked the tunnels Orion was making so he stuck his head in them and got stuck! It was so funny. Konner then tried to make himself a bed out of the sand. That did not turn out so well. I could only take one picture because Konner kept throwing sand at my phone.
Here he is running over to throw sand at me. At times I am not a fan of my nannying job because the days or sooooooooooooooooooooo long, but there are times that make me love my job. Like when Austin tells me if Orion dies that I have nothing to worry about. I can have all of Orion's money and that Austin will marry me so I won't be alone forever. Or when I get to watch Orion interact with the kids and it shows me that he will be an amazing dad. I only have a couple more weeks of this job before school starts up again. Then I won't have to wake up at six in the morning and help Austin learn how to read. My days will not be as interesting or tiring. I am going to miss this cute little boys.