Thursday, May 26, 2011


This Sunday was the day after the "rapture" and we were all still here. I have to tell you that I was a little bit sad. Orion and I were asked to give talks this Sunday and if the rapture actually happened we would have gotten out of giving talks. Well that guy from Oakland was wrong. SHOOT! So we had to give our talks.

We were asked to talk on the Atonement and let me tell you I cried like a baby. Well it was just a short cry, but it was one of those where you can't talk for a little bit and mascara runs down your face. I recovered don't worry and continued on with my talk. Little did I know I still had some mascara on my cheek when I finished. Orion told me about it once I sat down. I felt a little embarrassed. But I felt great that I could share my testimony of how wonderful the Atonement is and the many applications it has in our lives. Orion talked about the doctrine of the Atonement and did not cry at all. Lucky!

I don't like to talk in public, it scares me. When I was a youth I gave one talk in sacrament and started it out with a statistic. That statistic was that most people fear public speaking more than death. That was true for me at the time! I was a nervous mess and probably talked way to fast and jumbled my words. Who knows! But last semester I took a speech class online. I know what you are thinking how can you take a speech class online? Easy I have a web cam and a microphone. Although it was less scary because I was talking to a camera and not an audience of a hundred plus people. It helped me get over being super nervous about giving talks though. In fact I learned that nervousness is a learned habit. I don't know if I totally believe that, but I want to and it has made it much easier to give talks. I even gave a 17 minute one in my last ward. WOW! GO ME! From being super nervous and speeding through a 3 minute talk as a teenager to giving an understandable 17 minute talk as an adult. I feel like I have accomplished something. The talk I gave on Sunday was less than 17 but that is simply because I could not keep it together for any longer than I did. The atonement is such a powerful topic and I can't help but cry when I think of all the suffering Jesus Christ went through to make up for all the bad things I have done. He really is the best big brother anyone could have.

Monday, May 23, 2011


So last week I told you about how we were going to get a new car and WE DID!
It is not brand new, but we love it! It is a 2007 Nissan Altima. Oh how I love this little baby. I named her Nessy because she is a green Nissan also after the Lock Nest Monster. By the way in case you did not realize I can't spell to save my life. Spell check only works so much. We love our new car. It turns on by touching a button and pushing the brake at the same time. It is pretty cool. The key is high tech, it does not even have an actual key on it. LOOK!
That little black brick is our electronic key, well I think there is a battery inside it. Who knows for sure. The car senses when the key is near and lets you unlock the car by pushing a button on the door handle. Seriously this car is way nice than I ever thought we would get. I am excited that we have two cars, at least for the time being. Now I can sleep in on the day I have to work and not drive Orion to work at five something in the morning. Life is GOOD! On the down side we had to take out a loan to pay for this sweet ride :( Good news is we plan on paying if off way before the five years (which is the length our of loan). That way we don't have to pay thousands of dollars in interest. I swear that is the only way banks keep in business with interest you pay them on loans. It's crazy!

We also got a new phone for Orion last week. His phone decided to stop taking a charge and he wanted a new one anyways so we bought him one. Someone might think that we are rich or something with the things we bought last week. I have some sad news we are not rich when it comes to money. We are rich when it comes to love though, so that makes up for it I think. It's a good thing Orion and a raise and works a billion hours so we can afford some nice things in our life.

On a side note I am working on our food storage. We live in a shoe so we don't have much room for storage, but we now have a flat of corn and of green beens in our kitchen book shelf. Yep I said book shelf because we simply don't have enough cabinets for putting our food and dishes away. Our kitchen is little. Also our stove is electric which I dislike A LOT! Whoever invented electric stoves I want to punch because they make cooking much more difficult then it needs to be. Just thought I would share.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exciting News!

Orion got a pay raise! Yay! He will be making more money now. It was a dollar pay raise so nothing over the top, but very much appreciated. He also got health benefits! That means we will have insurance starting next month. Well I already have insurance from my parents, I apparently can stay on until I am 26 or something even though I am married. SWEET! Is all I can say. Next month if Orion gets sick from working a million hours at work he can go to the doctor FINALLY. I am so excited. 

Also we are looking at buying a new car REALLY SOON! Like maybe this week... We will see though. We have been praying and saving our money pretty much since we got married. Of course we had to dip into our saving a couple of times. When Orion was jobless for two months, or when our current car broke down, and when it broke down a billion other times. So keep us in your prayers that we will find the car we need/want that is in our price range. That way we can have two cars and I don't have to wake up at five to take Orion to work on the days I do. I don't have to be at work till nine so I want all the sleep I can get.I nanny for the cutest little boys in the world. Orion calls them peperoni and sausage. I love having practice being a mom with these little boys. They just warm my heart and teach me new things every day.