Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Adventure Filled Weekend

Friday it was raining pretty bad and our tires were pretty bald. Orion was worried he might crash or something so I was assigned the task to find new tires. I kinda failed because I don't know anything about tires. But that night we decided that even though it was raining we were going out to eat. We went to this Chinese place just up the street from us. It was pretty good. Nothing amazing though. We decided to eat in Atascadero because we won't be living here much longer. That's right we are moving! We officially got an apartment in SLO on friday! We are moving in two weeks I am really excited.

Our big adventure happened on Saturday. We bought new tires for our car $370 I swear that car is more expensive than a child. We did some errands and just hung out most of the day. But since our tires were brand new and much safer Orion suggested we go to the beach in the rain. It was so much fun and really cold. I wore one of my snow jackets.
I wore a sweater underneath it to keep me extra warm. It was so cold and beautiful. On our drive over to the beach there was snow on the hills. I tried to take a picture but it did not work out so well.
If you can't tell my face is red because I am so cold. We looked up the temperature online and it said it was in the low thirties but felt like 26 degrees. Man that is really cold for our area. Plus HELLO there was snow on the ground on our way to Morro Bay. It never snows here since we live so close to the beach. And they say the world is getting warmer. LIARS! I was so gorgeous at the beach at sunset with a light rain. I suggest you try it some time.
You can see the storm clouds rolling in and the blue skies just above the horizon.

On the mountains in the back of this pictures there is snow. The clouds were rolling in so we did not get a good picture. But can you believe it snow on mountains/hills that are next to the ocean?
This picture you can see the snow a little bit better. Oh how I love snow when I don't have to live in it!

I am so grateful that we live in such a pretty place. It truly is the happiest county, at least according to Oprah. I want to live in the area forever, but we will see what the Lord has in store for Orion and I.
 Just for fun here is a picture of a sunset from our apartment.
I am going to miss our apartment, not the down stairs though. We are on to bigger and better adventures now. Well our apartment will be smaller but the drive to work for Orion will be better because it won't be so long. We are excited to see what happens.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been feeling sick for most of last week. Sunday morning, meaning yesterday, I woke up with a very funny voice. I had it a little on Saturday night after we had a group date with our friends DJ and Kylie. But Sunday morning it was pretty bad. I sounded like a teenage boy going through puberty. My voice was cracking and everything. So what did Orion do? Thought of ways to get me to take or make noises so he could laugh at me. What a nice guy. He made breakfast and asked me to pray. I squeaked my way through the entire thing. So clearly I was not going to church. Orion was not feeling super great either and did not want to miss out on hearing me sound funny so he stayed home too.

This weekend Orion did not work at all so it seemed really long. I enjoyed every minute of it minus being sick and my throat really hurting. Sunday seemed to go on and on but in a good way. Good news I know sound like a woman again and Orion is a little sad. He got a kick out of my voice cracking and squeaking. Too bad for him.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

This year was Orion and I's first Valentine's day together as a married couple. It was so much fun! It all started off with Orion sleeping in an extra hour, on purpose, so we could have some extra cuddle time. Then five am rolled around and he was off to work. He sent me a text telling me my card was in the desk draw. It was a really cute card and there were some surprises with it.

He took forever the night before looking up how to make these guys. I though they were so cute! When he came home from work, after a Costco run he brought me flowers.

Real roses! I have never gotten this color of rose before and I love it. He also bought me some chocolate Costco size. A HUGE bag of M&M's with pretzels inside. Then it was time for dinner. Just to warn you if you have not already noticed I am not the best picture taker so just remember everything was delicious!

Spinach salad with shrimp and bacon topped with raspberry dressing. SO YUMMY!

Heart shaped pizza. We cut it in half so we each had a piece of the heart. We also made a regular sized pizza because Orion love love loves his pizza. He took some left overs for lunch today. For dessert we had red velvet cake with home made cream cheese frosting, but I forgot to take a picture. Then I gave Orion the card I made him.

He loved it! I am working on being crafty and this was the second card I have ever made which I think turned out pretty good. All and all we had the best Valentine's Day ever, well until next year.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I hate out car. It has broken down so many times and cost us so much money. It is currently broken. The shop we took it to is right by our apartment so we can walk to pick up our car. It was a mistake to take it there. We took it there Thursday afternoon, well actually they towed it there because it broke down in SLO. They said it would be fixed that afternoon or this morning. LIARS! Orion went to pick it up after he got off of work and they said it was not ready. They told him maybe on Monday it would be ready. So we are car-less. Also they told us it is going to cost basically $700 to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible I tell you!

On the bright side of things we have the money to pay for it and have people in our lives that are willing to pick us up. Orion has a co worker that lives in Creston or somewhere near there that is willing to pick him up tomorrow morning for work. My parents let us borrow their car this morning so Orion could get to work. I am grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives that the Lord has blessed us with. I am grateful that Orion is able to work so we can save to someday get a new car. I am grateful that I can go to school so I can graduate. But mostly I am grateful that Orion and I are not in debt so when things like our stupid piece of crap car break down we can afford to fix it. I would appreciate prayers that our bill won't be as high as they are thinking. I would really love it.