Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What a year!

This past year has been a big one!
  • We moved FOUR times! Crazy right? We are planning on not moving again for two plus years.
  • Adilyn turned one! (What? Now she is almost 1.5 years old. Where has all the time gone?)
  • Orion got a new job! (He makes lots more money and we are living in the lovely central coast)
  • We went to St George Utah. Adilyn met her great grandparents for the first time.
  • We went to Yosemite! Adilyn ate mounds of dirt and loved every second of it.
  • We took plenty of trips to the coast before we moved. In the end we moved over here just before the end of the year. Adilyn started to become a great car traveler. She still hates sleeping in a pack n play though. She ALWAYS wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to sleep with us. We never get enough sleep on trips :( 
  • For the first time ever we got our pictures taken professionally and I still have not printed any out. I have a serious problem of accomplishing anything without writing it down first. Thus no pictures printed out and no pictures on the wall. 
  • Most importantly this past year has brought us closer together. Orion and I have had our ups and downs this past year. But we are ending on a high note! Adilyn of course is getting cuter and smarter everyday. We are one happy family.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This Christmas morning was wonderful! Orion got home from work and made sure Adilyn and I were awake. He wanted to open presents so bad! He was like a little boy. It was cute.
Adilyn was excited for her bubble wand! She did not really want to play with anything else.

 That was until we emptied out her stocking. She realized she was getting treats! She tried to eat through the bags.
 Her she is thinking daddies stocking is hers too.
 My favorite stocking stuffer for her. She is the cutest little elf.
 I swear she is such a ham. I told her to smile and this is what I got. It is either her crazy face or her with her mouth wide open.
 The only present she actually opened. After this she was over opening presents. We had to open the rest of the presents and constantly tell her to look.

 Her favorite toy of the day. Although her doctor set is a close second. My mom is in the hospital right now so we went to visit her. Adilyn insisted on bringing her doodle pad. She doodled on the drive over and while we were in the hospital room. 
Oh her cheesy smile. I sure do love that girl.

Christmas dinner was suppose to happen at our house this year, but plans changed. My mom went into the hospital on Christmas Eve so we ended up having dinner there. Orion and I packed up dinner and brought it to her. Lucky for us Adilyn had her doodle pad to entertain her while we set up around my mom's hospital bed. Although Christmas did not turn out exactly how I planned I was happy to be with family. Hopefully this is the only Christmas that my mom will have to spend in the hospital.

I am so grateful for all that we have this Christmas season. We have been so blessed with a new job and a new place to live. It has been wonderful to live close to my parents again. Although we do miss our friends and family that live in the Central Valley. I am especially grateful for health care and all those who work in it. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Four years ago

Four years ago I had a pretty sweet boyfriend. I loved him so much. He was so handsome and kind. I had just gotten back from college and wanted to spend every second with him. I did not really know that in little over a week my boyfriend would become my fiance. I was so young then (lets be honest I am still young) and had no idea what life would be like. It seems like forever ago and just yesterday that Orion and I were making out on my parents couch. Sorry mom!

Life has been hard the past four years and it has been wonderful. Getting married was crazy and magical. I wish I could have slowed down time on our wedding day. I wish I could have spent more time imprinting that day on my soul. I wish I could have loved Orion as much that day as I do today. I wish I could have told myself then, that in four years your life will be completely different than you thought it would be. It is better and more challenging! But most of all I wish that I spent that last four years loving my husband more and not finding faults in him as much as I do. I have to remind myself that this man I married is not perfect and neither am I. I have to remind myself that before I expect perfection from him I should be perfect. Which I clearly am not.

Most of all I am grateful that he puts up with my crazy and loves me even when I don't feel like someone who deserves it. I am grateful that he asked me to be his forever and that he means more today then the day he asked it. I am grateful that we are both too stubborn to give up on our marriage and each other. I am grateful that as we draw closer to each other we also draw closer to our Heavenly Father. Christmas time always reminds me that life is such a gift no matter how hard it gets. We are all truly blessed to have a life to live and love others with.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adilyn's Favorite things

 Adilyn loves to help me clean. Well she sort of helps. Mostly she drags the broom around the house.
 Apparently the carpet needed to be swept.
 Adilyn was having a very fussy day so I thought maybe if I swung her around she would be happy. Turns out she loves it. In reality she loved it too much. I had to carry her around in that bag for a lot longer than I wanted to. She cried when I put her down but my arms were killing me.
 We check the mail daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. She just loves it.
 She also is developing her own sense of style. She likes to pick out her own shoes. If I let her she would probably pick out her outfits.
 Addie and Kenzie are also her closest friends. She just loves to play with them. Too bad we moved away from them :(
 Chocolate is also her favorite. She will steal it from you if you are not careful.
In fact she will steal any food from you if you are not looking. She just loves to eat all the time.