Sunday, June 6, 2010


So this has been an interesting week. Orion got off work on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday) and told me that he got a raise! I was expecting maybe a dollar or less, any kind of raise is a good raise I think. To my surprise he told me that he got a two dollar raise!!!! He has only been working at his job since the middle of February, so we are very grateful that his boss gave him this raise. For me this week has been pretty uneventful, oddly enough I only worked two days this week between my two jobs. So I just focused on school and spending time with my mom. I needed a week like this to help me relax. Ever since we got married we have been REALLY busy with work and school. This is my mom in the black sitting while Orion and I took a zillion pictures after getting sealed. I love my mommy she is wonderful!
I am so excited that I am half way through the semester! On a random note I am looking for a day job starting in the fall... I am open for suggestions!

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