Monday, March 29, 2010


SO Saturday was just not my day... Well according to Orion it was totally my day. First I had to deal with this horrible event where I left feeling so bad. To make me feel better Orion decided to take me to my favorite place to eat. As we were walking to the restaurant I rolled my ankle really bad. Orion started to laugh at me while I sat down trying not to cry from the pain.

Lucky for me Orion's boy scout skills kicked in and he wrapped my ankle up. I laid on my bed with my leg elevated and ice on it. It was rather boring. Lucky for me my dear friend Kaitlyn came up and we made cookies. It was the first time I used my oven in Orion and I's apartment. They were super yummy! Now my ankle (well my lack thereof) is more purple but it hurts less. Lets hope it will be back to normal for the wedding and reception next week. I want to dance a lot but I am going to be sad if I have to sit out my own dance.

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  1. Tons of crazy things will happen before the wedding. They lost my dress in the temple. :) Just laugh your way through it! I'm sure you'll dance the night away! It's nice to have another blog to follow!