Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reception Surprises

So the wedding day was great! Well everyone got there in time for our small simple sealing. Orion was suppose to pick his tux up the day before the wedding so he could leave bright and early Friday morning and have plenty of time before our sealing. Turns out they lost his order and would not get there till our wedding day. So Friday morning he followed the FEDEX truck to its first stop so he could get his tux and rush up to Oakland which is three plus hours away. Our sealing was at 2:30 but we had to be there an hour before. With tux in hand he drove super fast to get to the temple in time for his own wedding. He made it there with a couple minutes to spare and no tickets! Thank goodness for our car looking like a cop car people get out of the way on the freeway!

After the sealing and dinner with the family it was honeymoon time! Well we stayed in a Marriot in Oakland (china town to be exact I loved it!) then home on Saturday for our reception. Orion did not listen to my phone which has GPS so we got lost a couple of time. But we finally got to the hotel and had our car valet parked because there is NO parking in China town anywhere to be found. People double parked in the street everywhere it was nuts!

Saturday morning rolls around and we plan to leave around eleven giving us plenty of time to get home before my hair and make up appointment at four. We get on the freeway and drive for about an hour until we hear this loud POP! Then the car starts to sound like a go cart. Our only option was to pull off the side of the 101 with cars ZOOMING past us making the car shake. At this point I am FREAKING OUT inside but I did not show it because it would have made things worse. To make a long story short we finally get the car to mechanic who says it will cost 300 BUCKS and won't be fixed until SUNDAY! I looked over at Orion and said "Happy Wedding to us". He could not help but laugh. After some phone calls Orion's dad was on his way to pick us up.... from FRESNO which is two hours away from us. We were in San Jose by the way in a semi ghetto place. By the time his dad got there is was past four when I should have been getting my hair did and my make up done nice. Oh yeah my phone died so I could not call and tell them I was not going to be able to make it and Orion's phone had one bar of battery. With over two hours of driving in front of us and our reception starting at seven we hit the road once again. We were stuck in San Jose for a total of four plus hours.

As we drive down the freeway I remember I have on no make up and no mirror. Orion who is in the front passenger seat puts his visor down so I could have a mirror to use. Front the back seat I moved my head around so I could see what I was doing while speeding down a bumpy freeway. My next problem was my hair. I had no comb, brush, gel, curling iron, or any hair accessory to speak of. To make it even better I had taken a shower that morning and just let my hair dry naturally which meant it was a little bit of a mess. Lucky for me my bride's maid brought me a head band to help make my hair look better. We pulled up to the church FIVE MINUTES BEFORE our reception started. It was only enough time to lace me up in my dress and put the head band on before everyone started showing up. What a day that was! The best part was no one knew that I did not mean to look the way I did. By a miracle from the big guy my hair looked cute and it was dark enough that no one could tell that my make up was a little uneven.

With all that happened that day I could not help but smile because I went through it all with my best friend and love of my life. We just held hands and faced everything that happened together. It was the best day first day of being married. Oh yeah when the car was fixed it only cost 178 bucks and not 300 so we were very grateful for that.


  1. Oh that sounds like quite the adventure. Don't worry you'll have plenty more to come! I'm sure you looked darling! At least you have a wonderful story to tell your children. Tragic wedding tails are always the best. You should post some pictures I would love to see your dress and such. Congrats!!

  2. That is too funny Kayde, but I'm so glad that everything turned out okay in the end! Just makes for good stories!!! :)

  3. Pictures will be coming as soon as I get them... Which hopefully is this weekend