Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So school ends for the semester on the 23! I am so excited I can't handle myself. I am counting down the days till I can no longer worry about homework or anything school related for seven weeks. It will be so wonderful! On a completely different note July first was Canada Day! We had the missionaries over for dinner and celebrated Canada. One of the missionaries is from Canada so he made us a Canada flag cake.

It was pretty good, but I felt bad about eating the flag. He even had us hold napkins that said EH and took pictures. He wanted to have proof that American's were celebrating Canada day. That was a good dinner. Then came the fourth of July, which was on a Sunday. Since it was on Sunday we did not really want to go doing anything big. So we went to the Graff's for dinner (it was home made Chinese food, we are really American), spent sometime with my parents and then finished the night with friends and sparklers. It was a very mellow 4th but very enjoyable.

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