Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh the Joys of Summer

So lets just start out with the cute boys I nanny. I just love them, well most of the time. Last week I told them to take a bath while I made dinner like I do everyday. While I make dinner Orion watches them to make sure that they don't drown or anything. But this time Austin asked if I would watch them instead. Since I was making chicken nuggets in the oven I agreed. Austin is so funny because he is fine with me watching him in the tub, but when Orion watches them Austin wants to close the shower curtain so he can't see him. Then he splashes his little brother in the face while Orion can't see. So when I was watching them I washed Konner's hair and realized that he had really long hair. I made it into a mow hawk and of course Austin wanted one too. This is how it turned out.
They are so cute! I made Orion bring me my phone so I could take a picture of them. He laughed when he came in and saw the boys. I am sad because come the end of next month I won't be watching them any more :( Their dad will be back from working somewhere over the summer, I always forget what he is doing or where exactly he is. So I am on the hunt for another job that probably won't be as fun or rewarding.

On other news I am almost done with school for the semester! I just have one final left to take and then it is freedom for seven weeks! I am sure Orion will love that I will be done with school for a while because I will be less stressed, which means I will be more relaxed. I have been having neck trouble the past couple weeks and I just figured it was stress from school making my neck tense. Turns out it was my pillow! I bought a new one yesterday for 11 bucks which I thought was a lot, but it was worth it! I woke up this morning with no neck pain and I was not tired at all. It was a miracle and that pillow was worth every penny.

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  1. It's a Pioneer Day Miracle!

    (FYI, Pioneer Day Miracles are less magical than Christmas Miracles, but Miracles all the same.)