Friday, July 1, 2011

A cute little story

Yesterday Orion and I went up to Paso to work on our beast, you know the cop car that hates us. Well we thought the started went out. It was upsetting because Orion but a brand spanking new one in a little over a year ago. With the direction of Orion's older brother and use of his shop we figured out what was wrong. We needed to get new connector's to the battery. I don't remember what they are really called, I just know they only cost 6 bucks. Sweet! The cheapest car fix ever!

Once we figured out what the problem was I left to go hang out with my sister-in-law and family. Little Tobin whom I just love with all my heart, always makes me laugh. He is two wait maybe he is three. Man I am a bad aunt. I feel pretty good about saying he is two, but I could be wrong. Anyways, as soon as I walk in Tobin runs up to me to show me that he has things on his fingers. They are lego things for trees I think. He then asks me to play trains with him, in broken English because he has not mastered full sentences yet. We play for a little bit and then have dinner. Orion calls to tell me the car is fixed and ready to go. So I say good bye to everyone and give sweet little Tobin a kiss on the forehead. He runs in front of me to the front door. He puts his hands in front of him and says "NO! Don't go Kayde!" Seriously how cute is he? Then he spreads his arms across the front door blocking my way out. I love this little boy. I then had to tell him that I would come back later and that we are going on vacation together at the end of the month. This made him happy and I told him I might go to see dead dinosaur bones with him. There is a dinosaur museum in Utah that he and his family are going to and the end of the month. He was thrilled and I was a little sad to leave him.

Would you like to see what my sweet little nephew looks like? I would have taken a picture of him last night blocking my exit, but he was in his big boy undies and T shirt and I thought that he would one day thank me for not taking a picture of that.

That is Tobin at our wedding up in a tree. He is half monkey I tell you. He just loves to climb.

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