Saturday, December 22, 2012


Orion decided to grow some chops recently. Seeing as he is part werewolf it did not take him long to get thick chops.
Adilyn sure does love to hang out with her dad and chew on her fingers.

 People at work called him Wolverine. Then someone decided to complain about him having so much facial hair. It was the guy that got called in about having an unkempt beard. He decided that if he was going to get called on his facial hair so should Orion. So he had to shave it off. I have to say I was not said to see his chops go. Adilyn on the other hand was very sad. It took her an entire day to stop crying every time Orion picked her up. She was unsure that he was still her daddy. Lucky for him she decided he was the same guy.

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