Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Year

About two weeks from now marks one year since I graduated college. I can't believe it has already been a year. Thinking back on the past year I have made some big accomplishments.
  • I grew a child!
  • I birthed said child
  • I did not get a fancy high paying job that utilizes my degree. I did however get the best job in the world, MOM
  • My diploma is still sitting in the envelope it came in on my desk. I just have not gotten around to buying a frame for it. Those things cost ten bucks or more. I know I graduated I don't see why I have to pay even more money to show people I graduated. 
  • I started paying my student loans back. YUCK! I so wish I could have graduated without having to take out student loans. 
  • Orion got a raise at work. Our insurance got more expensive thanks to adding our little lady to it. So we did not get to see his raise at all.
  • I am amazed everyday by my sweet lady.
  • In the four short months that Adilyn has been in my life I have spent more time praying, reading, wondering, worrying, losing sleep, etc over her then my entire college (or any schooling for that matter) experience.
  • It is amazing how much you learn from having a child.
  • I wish I had taken a class on how to teach you baby to fall asleep on their own without tears (on theirs or mine). I took plenty of classes on families and parenting, but never once did I learn about how hard sleeping can be for babies. They simply don't know how to sleep on their own. It is a gradual learning process. Seriously who forgot to mention this in the many family and parenting book I read for my degree. I think it is an important aspect of parenting. 
  • I have fallen even more in love with Orion over the past year. He tries so hard to make sure Adilyn and I are always happy. Even if that means losing sleep or working double shifts. He is the best.

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