Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For Christmas this year we wanted to give more, but did not have lots of money. Shocking right? We just had a baby and now we don't have a lot of extra money. Well we decided to get creative and make gifts.
We decided to make cookie mixes. It was pretty simple and not that expensive. In our house we love cookies so we always have the ingredients on hand. It made it easy to make 15 mixes to hand out. I am sure if we had to buy all the ingredients at once things would have been more expensive. Our friends made them last year and we just loved the idea so we had to copy them. Thanks DJ and Kylie!
It only took an hour or so to put them all together. I think it took me longer to write out all of the cards then it did to put all the ingredients in the jar. Orion and I made a little assembly line to speed things along.
Adilyn was kind enough to take a long nap while we were working on the jars. We even had time to watch an episode of something after we finished. It was a good day. I really enjoyed making these jars and being able to give out presents to more people than just family. I think it will be a new family tradition of ours. Lets be honest who can say no to cookies at Christmas time?

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  1. Nice job! I totally missed having them this year that I made them a couple weeks before Christmas :) We might have to turn it into a tradition too. Miss you guys!