Monday, January 21, 2013

My Little Diva

Adilyn likes things a certain way. If things don't go her way she will let you know that she is upset by crying. What a smart girl I have. If I am drinking a cup of water she wants some too. If I don't let her take a sip whining will start and so will lunging for the cup. At nap time if her blanket gets away from her before she falls asleep boy will she cry. If she can't get to her blanket she will cry until you give in back to her. Then she will fall promptly to sleep. Honestly that girl is crazy sometimes.

The other day Orion went to pick her up after her nap and he found her like this.
Apparently her outfit was not how she liked it. She wanted a one shoulder top. What did I tell you? She is such a little diva! ;) See that pacifier above her? She throws it as far away as she can. I kept trying to give her a pacifier when she was younger and she never wanted it. One time at church I had her in the Moby Wrap walking around getting her to fall asleep and I tried to give her a pacifier. She promptly took it out of her mouth and handed it back to me. Diva I tell you.

I am sure she would not be happy with me if I did not share some glamor shots of her.
Hey mom I was not ready yet.
That's better. This is my "I am pretending to crawl look"
This is my "I can fly pose"

I sure do love my little diva.

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