Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Adilyn loves her dad, sometimes more than she loves me. :( I tell Orion all the time that Adilyn loves me the best (Hello middle of the night feedings. That was me for all of those months. She better love me.) But to be honest if I had to be second to anyone (which I am not admitting I am) Orion is a good choice.

She just walked over to him and sat in his lap with her lady bug. She never does that to me! It's ok because I like to snuggle him too.

Normally when I change her diaper she is crying and acting like she is dying. She does that with Orion too, but sometimes she lays down calming for him. That little booger! She totally favors her daddy. Good thing she is so cute.
Typical Adilyn had to come investigate what I was doing. Here she is trying to say hi to me. So far she only knows how to wave and babble hello. She does however say bye bye. Sometimes she tells me bye bye when she is done playing with and walks away. At least she is polite....

Always happy to snuggle up with her daddy. They pretty much have the same amount of hair. ha ha. These two are my favorite people in the world. I just love them a lot. I marvel all the time about how lucky I am to have such a great husband and sweet daughter (even if they like each other more than me sometimes)

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