Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catch up

 The funniest pants Adilyn has. My mom loves buying Adilyn clothes. These pants are suppose to be leggings, I think. One day Adilyn got her pants dirty (there is no shock there) and I just grabbed a pair of pants for her. Turns out they were barely there pants.
 She thought they were fun to play in. I could not stop laughing. Orion said she looked like an old lady.
 You can't really tell what the shirt says, but it is the best picture I could get. The shirt says BYU Idaho baby. I got this shirt in the mail when I got pregnant with our little lady. It only took a year before I could get her in it.
 Orion was thinning Adilyn's toys out. She just wanted to make a big mess.
Until she realized I was taking pictures. She is such a ham. Always wanting to have her picture taken and make you laugh. It makes her happy to make you happy. I just love that about her. The other day she was so upset and would not stop crying. Nothing I did would comfort her. In fact she kept pushing me away. I got so frustrated that I started crying. She immediately stopped crying and gave me a hug. Then she wiped away my tears. I love my sweet lady and her caring spirit. 

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