Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween (a month late)

We recently moved so keeping this updated has been on the back burner. I have been too busy packing and then unpacking. Trying to keep my little tornado out of trouble. Also trying to have some down time. Halloween snuck up on me and I was happy that I just got pictures.
 We went to a pumpkin patch just a couple of days before Halloween so there were not very many pumpkins left. Also the day turned out much hotter than we thought. We were hot and sticky by the end of our walk.

 She was excited she got to run around in the dirt. At one point she sat down and started digging around. Apparently she was not that interested in picking a pumpkin.

 We picked these out for her. Well she picked out the little one after we kept telling her to pick one.

I just can't help but laugh at this picture. It captures her perfectly. She was so excited that we let her carry her pumpkin around the house.
 Then it was time to carve the pumpkins! Adilyn of course had to get right in it.

 She is trying to lick it here.
 Then the tasting happened. She hatted it. Yet she kept trying it every couple of minutes.

The final result. We left two pumpkins alone so Adilyn could play with them. She stacked them outside the door. If they were moved by someone she would notice as soon as we went outside and had to move them.

Getting ready to trick or treat.

 Here she is with her boyfriend in the background. Dawson is our friends son. He is less than a year younger than Adilyn so she is not robbing the cradle that much ;)
 The leopard in the wild!

 She found a chicken and a lady bug on her hunt!
It was disappointing the amount of houses handing out candy. We barely got any, I mean Adilyn barely got any. But she had a blast. After the people handed her candy she would try to walk into their house. She is very friendly like that. Over all Halloween was really fun. Adilyn had a blast hanging out with her friends and saying hi to everyone. Orion and I enjoyed staying out later (past 7pm bedtime for our little lady) and talking to other adults. It is amazing how much you miss other adults once you spend most of your time with a one year old.

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