Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin patch

We have been learning about pumpkins this fall. Adilyn loves to read and we have been checking out a lot of books on pumpkins. Every time we saw pumpkins at the store or in picture Adilyn would get so excited. Needless to say when I told her about where pumpkins grow she kept asking to go to the pumpkin patch multiple times a day. We had to wait for daddy to have time off from work and school. The day finally came and she could not wait.
On our expensive hayride. Fifteen bucks for the three of us. Good thing our little guy is still in my belly or else the ride would have been even more expensive. Good thing Adilyn had so much fun. It made the ride worth every penny. She is still talking about the horse ride at the pumpkin patch.
She was so excited to sit on the hay.
Taking a ride with the pumpkins. We spent less on those pumpkins than our hay ride. Now Adilyn gives them a kiss goodbye whenever we leave the house. I promised her that she will get to paint one while daddy carves the others.
In heaven. I might have to take her to another pumpkin patch just to see that smile again.

Scarecrow are also amazing to Adilyn. She thinks they are so funny.
When we told her she could sit with them she could barely control herself.

I had a difficult time getting her to look at me. She wanted to look at all of the scarecrows and tell them hi. She also asked if she could touch all of them. I have told her time and time again about the difference between looking and touching. Now she asks if she can touch everything she looks at. For the most part she is a pretty good listener.

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