Monday, December 22, 2014


I now have two children! Oh man what a life changer. Those first few weeks were tough for all of us. We had to get use to a new person and less time together. But seven weeks later we are doing great! Adilyn has adjusted well to her baby brother and Corwin is getting great at sleeping at night. So momma is not exhausted and has more patience.
 Adilyn insisted on multiple pictures with her brother.

He looks up to his big sister already. Adilyn loves to have her picture taken and she wants Corwin to be apart of them as well. It is pretty sweet. She likes to snuggle him and give him kisses. Sometimes she thinks that he need more tummy time. So she attempts to roll him over herself. The other day I found her trying to roll him over with her foot. Needless to say Corwin is not allowed on the ground unless mommy and daddy are watching now.

 The first time they met Adilyn wanted to hold him. She came busting into the room asking for mommy and baby brother.
 She made sure to bring his otter blanket we picked out from the aquarium. She has since made sure that he has is  near by him when he sleeps. I guess in her mind since she sleeps with her blankey that Corwin needs to sleep with one too. It is pretty cute.
 Here she is trying to hand it to him.
 Then she tried to make me give it to him.
We have had so melt downs since sweet Corwin entered our lives, but they were brief and we have grown from them. I still can't believe that I have a little lady and a little guy. They are both so sweet and I am so lucky to have them. Thankfully Corwin is very mellow and patient with me. He even loves his sister even though she sometimes squishes him while hugging and kissing him.

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