Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fresno = Death

Well I feel like that sometimes, although it does have a nice temple there so I guess it is not that bad. SO here is the update of what is going on with Orion and I. Last month Orion got laid off, well I guess you can say that, his boss does not have a lot of work coming in so he told Orion that he was no longer needed. But once he got more work and could afford to pay Orion he could come back. Well that was a month ago. Now Orion and I are both jobless in an economy that does not really want to hire :( Ever since we have gotten that news we have been looking for work, mostly Orion because I am going to school full time online and that takes up most of my day, and we have found nothing. Instead of burning through all of our savings from us working like crazy over the summer. I had two jobs and went to school full time while Orion worked full time and did side work, we managed to save up for a new car that we hoped to buy this fall. Instead we are spending that money on paying rent and buying food. We have decided to move to FRESNO with Orion's parents at the end of the month if Orion does not find a new job. :( :( :( :( :( x a billion is how I feel at the moment. But there are more opportunities for jobs out there and we would not have to pay for rent or food.

To be honest it is rather stressful to be us right now, but we know that everything will work out in the end. We are praying and hoping things will work out soon. Actually this lack of money has made Orion and I much closer and more inventive when it comes to food. We are also loving sleeping until we wake up instead of waking up to an alarm. All in all we are pretty happy but stressed.

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  1. It would be a hard adjustment to move beck into parents home however what a blessing to be able to have a shelter when needed. Jakob and I realized that we would probably be doing that if we got pregnant. I hope that everything works out for you two. We'll keep you in our hearts and prayers!