Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh Dear

So tonight Orion and I went on a little adventure. Considering Orion has now been jobless for a month, I can't believe it has been that long, he has lots of time on his hands. I spend the day doing my school work because going to school full time online takes a lot of time and effort. At night my eyes feel like that are going to close and never open again because I have strained them so much. Well tonight we decided to get out of the house. I grabbed some change from our change jar on our way out to buy us some ice cream. We got super YUMMY twix ice cream bars, Orion and I's favorite candy bar so when you add ice cream to the mix who can resist?

Then we were on our way to Morro Bay for a night walk on the beach. Orion picked the adventure because he loves taking me to the beach, I am a big chicken when it comes to the dark so he brought a head lamp so it would not be so dark. The real adventure came on our way to the beach. We were just driving along the back rounds talking and enjoying getting out of the house when BAM a dear comes out of NOWHERE!

We almost killed Bambi's mom. It would have been horrible because both our windows were down. Luckily Orion was able to miss the dear by inches! I of course being the chicken I am covered my eyes because I did not want to see us kill Bambi's mom. I am so glad our adventure left all parties alive in the end. On our way home from the beach we saw multiple dead animals in the road. Looks like they were not as lucky as Bambi's mom, who after we almost hit her just slowly walked up the road even though their were more cars coming. Stupid dear.

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