Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been feeling sick for most of last week. Sunday morning, meaning yesterday, I woke up with a very funny voice. I had it a little on Saturday night after we had a group date with our friends DJ and Kylie. But Sunday morning it was pretty bad. I sounded like a teenage boy going through puberty. My voice was cracking and everything. So what did Orion do? Thought of ways to get me to take or make noises so he could laugh at me. What a nice guy. He made breakfast and asked me to pray. I squeaked my way through the entire thing. So clearly I was not going to church. Orion was not feeling super great either and did not want to miss out on hearing me sound funny so he stayed home too.

This weekend Orion did not work at all so it seemed really long. I enjoyed every minute of it minus being sick and my throat really hurting. Sunday seemed to go on and on but in a good way. Good news I know sound like a woman again and Orion is a little sad. He got a kick out of my voice cracking and squeaking. Too bad for him.

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