Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poor Orion

Well Orion's job is slowly sucking the life out of him. He works long days and it has gotten the best of him. We are pretty sure that he had pneumonia. I say pretty sure because he does not have health insurance at the moment so we can't really go to the doctor. It was pretty bad for about two weeks. He would come home eat and fall asleep or just be really tired until he fell asleep. Then when he was sleeping he would wake up and cough. Poor guy. One day two weeks ago he could only manage to work for three hours before he had to come home or he would have passed out. Here he is napping, a thing he never does.
He napped for almost four hours that day. The next week his work wanted him to work 11 hour days Monday - Friday and then four hours on Saturday. He did the best he could but by Thursday he was out of it and could not go into work at all. The good news is now he can breath and not feel like he is not getting enough oxygen. The bad news is he still has a cough. Poor guy. Next month he will become an official employee and get health insurance so if this ever happens again we can go to a doctor right away.

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