Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exciting News!

Orion got a pay raise! Yay! He will be making more money now. It was a dollar pay raise so nothing over the top, but very much appreciated. He also got health benefits! That means we will have insurance starting next month. Well I already have insurance from my parents, I apparently can stay on until I am 26 or something even though I am married. SWEET! Is all I can say. Next month if Orion gets sick from working a million hours at work he can go to the doctor FINALLY. I am so excited. 

Also we are looking at buying a new car REALLY SOON! Like maybe this week... We will see though. We have been praying and saving our money pretty much since we got married. Of course we had to dip into our saving a couple of times. When Orion was jobless for two months, or when our current car broke down, and when it broke down a billion other times. So keep us in your prayers that we will find the car we need/want that is in our price range. That way we can have two cars and I don't have to wake up at five to take Orion to work on the days I do. I don't have to be at work till nine so I want all the sleep I can get.I nanny for the cutest little boys in the world. Orion calls them peperoni and sausage. I love having practice being a mom with these little boys. They just warm my heart and teach me new things every day.

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  1. I wish there was likae button LOL! Great news :0)