Thursday, May 26, 2011


This Sunday was the day after the "rapture" and we were all still here. I have to tell you that I was a little bit sad. Orion and I were asked to give talks this Sunday and if the rapture actually happened we would have gotten out of giving talks. Well that guy from Oakland was wrong. SHOOT! So we had to give our talks.

We were asked to talk on the Atonement and let me tell you I cried like a baby. Well it was just a short cry, but it was one of those where you can't talk for a little bit and mascara runs down your face. I recovered don't worry and continued on with my talk. Little did I know I still had some mascara on my cheek when I finished. Orion told me about it once I sat down. I felt a little embarrassed. But I felt great that I could share my testimony of how wonderful the Atonement is and the many applications it has in our lives. Orion talked about the doctrine of the Atonement and did not cry at all. Lucky!

I don't like to talk in public, it scares me. When I was a youth I gave one talk in sacrament and started it out with a statistic. That statistic was that most people fear public speaking more than death. That was true for me at the time! I was a nervous mess and probably talked way to fast and jumbled my words. Who knows! But last semester I took a speech class online. I know what you are thinking how can you take a speech class online? Easy I have a web cam and a microphone. Although it was less scary because I was talking to a camera and not an audience of a hundred plus people. It helped me get over being super nervous about giving talks though. In fact I learned that nervousness is a learned habit. I don't know if I totally believe that, but I want to and it has made it much easier to give talks. I even gave a 17 minute one in my last ward. WOW! GO ME! From being super nervous and speeding through a 3 minute talk as a teenager to giving an understandable 17 minute talk as an adult. I feel like I have accomplished something. The talk I gave on Sunday was less than 17 but that is simply because I could not keep it together for any longer than I did. The atonement is such a powerful topic and I can't help but cry when I think of all the suffering Jesus Christ went through to make up for all the bad things I have done. He really is the best big brother anyone could have.

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