Monday, December 26, 2011


Oh how I love Christmas for so many reasons! Mostly I love it because it reminds me of how blessed I am to know my Savior. The presents are nice too. Orion surprised me this year with my gifts. That is not something that happens often because I am an expert at ruining surprises without even trying. I got a super soft bath robe, which is not that exciting to look at so no pictures. I got my favorite thing in the world, knee high socks!
They are my favorite and I want to wear them all day long. I also got a super pretty ring. I am having a hard time taking a good picture of it, so that will just have to wait. To go along with the ring I got this really cool holder.

You can put rings on each peddle or have them sit in the middle of it. It is pretty sweet. But the best present I got this year was a BABY! Yep we are pregnant and we are so excited! This present came early. We found out in November and I just could not hold in the news any longer. I am a little over ten weeks pregnant and so far so good. No throwing up, just a huge desire to nap and go to bed early.

Orion also got great presents this year. A brand new big screen TV that he got last month. My favorite gift was his stocking stuffer.

There was coal inside for him. The look on his face was priceless! I told him he did not deserve any other presents. You would have thought I just told him to die or something how sad he looked. I quickly gave him his other presents to assure him that he was not so bad this year. It was the funniest gift ever if you ask me. The surprise for Orion was a movie I found for him .

The Muppet Christmas Carol. He has been wanting this movie for a while now, but it was hard to find. I randomly found it at Best Buy one day and had to be super sneaky to buy it without Orion knowing. To throw him off when opening the present I put the movie in a big shirt box and covered it with random little gifts. He was a little disappointed to see that I only got him gum, candy, and pretzels. Then I told him to look under all of those things. He was so surprised and happy to see the movie. When it comes to Christmas Orion really is a little kid.


  1. LOL too funny about the movie!! The pedal ring holder looks really nice :)

  2. Congrats on the BABY!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!