Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Christmas came early for my sweet husband. He wanted soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad to get a new TV. I wanted to make sure all his dreams come true, it is one of my goals in life, so we searched for a good deal. We search high and low until we found one! It still cost a zillion dollars, at least in my mind, but it is wonderful. Mr. O was so very excited when it was delivered.
It looks like he has a mustache, but he does not. I think mustaches are gross!
He could not wait to plug it in and turn it on. The only down side was the time the TV was delivered. It showed up a half hour before he needed to leave for work. He did not have enough time to play his new video game before he left. It was the happiest and saddest day of his life. hahaha
Here is our big TV. It is not huge, but it is much bigger than our old one. We gave our old one, that we got from Mr. O's grandma, to his parents. It is currently sitting on their couch. They are apparently not excited to have a big TV like Mr. O. Funny how that worked out.

The only down side to having the TV come so early is that I don't have any surprises left to give Mr. O for Christmas. I will have to think of something. I hear pinterest calling my name, it always gives me great ideas.

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