Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Stats

Our little lady is not so little anymore. Today she weighs in at 11 pounds! Holy smokes I can't believe she is that big already. She has gained a little shy of three pounds since birth. It makes me want to find that doctor who told me I was not feeding her enough and needed to give her formula a good smack and I say you were wrong. Honestly what doctor says you should give your baby formula because they are not gaining weight when the baby is only a couple days old? In my opinion a bad doctor.

ANYWAYS, back to Adilyn. She was 20.5 inches when she was born and she is now 22.5ish inches now. I say ish because she kept moving when we were measuring her. I never realized how quickly babies grew until I had one.

She can hold her head up pretty good. She loves to pull her head away from you when you are trying to get her to go to sleep and she wants to stay up. She can sit up pretty good as long as she is propped up on one side.
This is her hanging out in the glider that I have spent who knows how long rocking her in. Someday soon I am hoping to get her to fall asleep on her own. I love rocking her at night to put her to bed, but rocking her for every nap is getting old.
I think she is just the cutest little baby, but then again I am biased. Also she has mastered smiling. She does not smile all the time but when she does it is amazing. Her favorite way to express herself is through her eyebrows. She raises them and scrunches them together all the time. She takes after me and makes funny faces at her daddy when he tries to talk to her.

At night she can go about five hours before she wakes up to nurse. Too bad this happens right after I put her to bed at 8. If I go to bed when she does then I can get five hours of sleep straight, but some nights I don't want to go to bed that early. After her long stretch she usually wakes up 3 hours later to nurse then right back to bed for another 3 hours or so until it is time to wake up. I guess I can't complain too much I only have to wake up twice a night to feed her where some moms have told me they have to wake up 3 or more times a night. I still can't wait for the day when I can get 8 hours of sleep without having to wake up. I told Orion that is what I want for my birthday. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. He laughed at my request, but it really all I want.

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  1. I made Jake bottle feed E some night so I could catch up. It was wonderful. I ending up missing her by morning. It takes time but don't worry she'll get it :)