Saturday, September 1, 2012

Almost 6 weeks

On Monday it will be 6 weeks since I had a baby. I still can't believe that I was ever pregnant and that I had a baby. It is just weird to think about. We are all still alive, although some days I feel like death warmed up because I am so tired. Having a little baby that wakes up twice a night to feed and then having a hard time falling asleep is killer. But good news I still love my husband and baby. Orion has no problem sleeping lucky him.
This is what I found not long after I put Adilyn down one day. Apparently the Boppy has many functions.

Adilyn sometimes has a hard time falling asleep. This was a day of her refusing to sleep and Orion coming up with the idea of laying her down next to him on the couch. She wiggled her arms out and fell asleep promptly. That girl sometimes drives me a little crazy. Good thing she is so cute. It was a super hot day this day so she hug out in just her diaper. She won't sleep unless she is swaddle. I swear this baby is so stubborn! Needless to say I have been praying a lot more since she was born for patience and sleep.

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