Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daddy Daughter Time

I just love to see Orion interact with Adilyn. It is just so cute to see how much he loves her. It is also nice because it means I get a little break to take a shower or have a snack. If I am really lucky it might mean a nap. Most of the time I just sit and watch them interact together. Orion has even started to try and get our little lady to fall asleep. She has not mastered the art of falling asleep on her own. I can't help but want to pick her up and comfort her when she is crying. Hopefully soon she will learn how to fall asleep on her own without much tears.
She falls asleep the fastest when she is rocked or bounced but that can get tiring. So Orion tries to get her to fall asleep laying on him or next to him. He has more patience then I do with this. I just want her to fall asleep so I can take a nap or do some laundry or just have some alone time. She likes her paci in the car or on walks. Even then she spits it out a lot. It helps her to fall asleep though. When I am putting her to sleep at home I try to not give her the paci because I don't want her to wake up ten minutes later when it falls out. Orion on the other hand gives it to her in hopes she will fall asleep no matter where we are.
She normally spits it out though. I guess I am glad that she is not addicted to her paci. But if it means she will fall asleep on her own with little to no tears or me bouncing her then its fine by me. So far her favorite way to fall asleep is being bounced/rocked in front of her bff the box fan. She just loves the sound of the fan and staring at it. Sometimes we wonder if she like it more than us.

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  1. Hang in there girly! E sleeps with her Soother all of the time. Try a lighter weight one, I found that the heavy gumdrop ones fell out so fast because once they are asleep they can't hold onto them anymore. The light weight one stays in her mouth almost all night! And when you don't want her to take it any more you just cut the end a bit, they don't lie the feeling on their tongue and they give it up on their own. (Or so I've heard!) You're doing great! She'll come around!