Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adilyn's Favorite things

 Adilyn loves to help me clean. Well she sort of helps. Mostly she drags the broom around the house.
 Apparently the carpet needed to be swept.
 Adilyn was having a very fussy day so I thought maybe if I swung her around she would be happy. Turns out she loves it. In reality she loved it too much. I had to carry her around in that bag for a lot longer than I wanted to. She cried when I put her down but my arms were killing me.
 We check the mail daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. She just loves it.
 She also is developing her own sense of style. She likes to pick out her own shoes. If I let her she would probably pick out her outfits.
 Addie and Kenzie are also her closest friends. She just loves to play with them. Too bad we moved away from them :(
 Chocolate is also her favorite. She will steal it from you if you are not careful.
In fact she will steal any food from you if you are not looking. She just loves to eat all the time.

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