Friday, February 21, 2014

Heart breaking and sweet

I went over to my parent's place today to go through some of my mom's things. It is still really weird to think that she is gone. I miss her so much, but I still think she will call me or send me a text message through out the day. It was hard to go through her things and see what she valued. There was so many things that made me happy and sad. I just can't explain it. One of the things that I found was a box of crayons. 120 crayons to be exact. I knew that Adilyn would love them.

I brought them home and gave them to her once she woke up from her nap. As she was coloring in her coloring book I told her that Gramm gave her the crayons. She instantly looked to the door with a smile on her face. She was expecting my mom to walk through the door. I could not help but tear up at that. I had to tell her that Gramm was not coming over.

 Every time we go over to my parent's house Adilyn runs to the bedroom and looks in. She is expecting to find my mom in bed like always. My mom had been sick most of Adilyn's life. It breaks my heart every time Adilyn looks into the bedroom looking for my mom. I think it will be even harder for me when she stops looking for her. I know that Adilyn won't remember my mom and it makes me sad. But I will remind her of how loved she is by her Gramm.


  1. I have to disagree sis. Ryan remembers our dad from that age. Lil monkey moo moo will remember. If there is a god and if he does grant certain mercies, he would not allow my niece to forget about her Gramm...

  2. I sure hope our little monkey moo moo remembers her Gramm :)