Sunday, July 20, 2014

A thoughtful present

For our anniversary this year I told Orion he had to do something romantic. I love my husband but he is not that romantic. I made sure to give him a month warning and weekly reminders. If he did not so something romantic than he would be in trouble. Turns out he came up with this idea the day before! I swear that man is so frustrating sometimes.

He went out and bought a super cute basket and filled it with things I like. When I am pregnant I have to snack throughout the day or else I feel sick. Orion got the idea to make me a snack basket when I was commenting about needing more snacks.
He is such a thoughtful guy when he needs to be. I almost cried when I came down stairs and saw this basket. He also made me some personal coupons. They were really sweet.

Our second anniversary and our fourth anniversary I was pregnant. At this rate I should be pregnant on our six and maybe our eighth.

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