Saturday, July 26, 2014

true love

Adilyn's first love is her daddy. Lucky for her and me Orion is a great guy to love. I am happy to share Orion with our little lady. They have such a special bond. She always wants to see what dad is doing and help whenever she can. Sometimes I just stand back a d watch. They melt my heart.

Adilyn loves her little pool and pretty much lives in her bathing suit. Even when dad is bbqing Adilyn is in her bathing suit.

On days that I need to make dinner without Adilyn helping Orion plays games with her. She likes to watch him play Cut The Rope. Her favorite place to lay down is on Orion's chest. It is so cute to watch them snuggle.

Playing together is their favorite past time. It is so nice to watch them play together. Orion comes up with things to do that I never would. What a good dad to have.

Adilyn is constantly asking to be up! I think she wishes she was taller. Good thing her daddy is happy to carry her around on his shoulders. I am lucky to have these two in my life. They keep me entertained and most importantly keep each other company.

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