Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A bucket list

I read a friend's blog the other day and she had a bucket list posted on there. It got me thinking, what do I want to do before I die? What would I want to put on my bucket list. This was a rather interesting subject to think about. I spent a couple days thinking about it and as I was falling asleep last night I thought of the answer. I do this a lot, that is think about things before I fall asleep.

This what I cam up with.... I want to live before I kick the bucket. I want to live everyday and enjoy my journey through life. I want to make mistakes and learn from them. I want to progress towards the person I know I should be. I want to love more than I ever thought possible. As I was making this list in my head I realized I am living my bucket list, I am making mistakes left and right and learning along the way. As I realized this I knew that I could not go through this life alone. I became so grateful for my wonderful husband. My sweet sweet husband. He makes me feel better and holds me close while I cry. And let me tell you that I have had many tears so far in our marriage. Most of the time it was over work or school, the only realm in my life that Orion is not a part of. This has brought us so much closer because I have let Orion into the part of my life that normally only I know about.

Also as each day goes on I realize that I am falling more and more in love with my husband. I also realize how blessed I am and I thank the Lord everyday. I thank him for letting me lose my job and giving me obstacles that slow my path. It helps me realize that I need to slow down and humble myself. So here it is my bucket list.

1. Fall in love with my husband more everyday
2. Continue to strive to be humble no matter how hard life gets
3. Enjoy the journey no matter where it takes you or how difficult it can be

Orion helping me up on our wedding day and helping reach higher ground everyday of our life together. I am so glad I can spend forever with my best friend and help him up whenever he needs it. So far our journey has not been very long, but I look forward to working on my bucket list with the best person I know.

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