Monday, August 30, 2010

What Dreams May Come

Have you seen this movie? I know it is a little old, it came out in the 90's. Its younger than me so I guess it is not that old. It is really good in my opinion. I guess this movie hits home a little more for me know that I am married. The basis of the movie is the husband (Robin Williams) goes to Hell to find his wife. His wife committed suicide after Robin Williams dies. I know what you are thinking, Kayde this does not sound like a good movie at all. Just wait it gets better, I promise. SO he goes to Hell to save his wife, or stay with her in Hell because he wants to be with her no matter what. He leaves Heaven to go to Hell just so he can be with his wife, now that is a committed husband. In the movie their love is so strong that it can bring the wife out of the depths of Hell because they are soul mates. Orion and I watched this movie last night and I cried. I asked Orion if he would give up Heaven to be with me if I am stuck in Hell. What he said was really cute "Being with you is Heaven no matter where we are". Aww I love my husband. So I am about to ruin the end of the movie, Robin Williams ends up saving his wife and bringing her to Heaven, where their children are. I forgot to mention the kids were killed in a car accident four years before the husband died. Anyways the reason I like this movie so much is that it expresses the fact that true love conquers all, even in death. I know I am little bit cheesy, but I just cant help myself.

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