Wednesday, November 3, 2010


ORION GOT A JOB!!!!! This is the best news that we have gotten in a long time. Poor Orion went almost TWO MONTHS without a job. He was going crazy, but getting really good at his video games. Personally I thought he could do something better with his time. Like make me a cake! Which he did for my birthday on October 29.

Here he is working hard making me an ice cream cake all by himself! How cute is he? I only had to help him frost it because he tried to frost it too early. He took some chunks out of the cake so extra frosting was needed in some areas. All and all it was really good. It was his first time ever making an ice cream cake. He was so proud of himself.

You can kind of tell where there is a chunk missing in the picture, but we fixed that right up. He even wrote Happy Birthday Kayde on it and let me tell you his hand writing is not the best. I think writing on it took most of his time because he was trying so hard to make it look good. He did a great job. What a good guy.

So we had a little party to celebrate my birth on the 30th because my parents took us to Red Lobster on my actual birthday, which by the way was AMAZING! Seriously if you live close to a Red Lobster you should go and get there unlimited shrimp, it like 15 bucks, so worth it! I left with a little aquarium in my stomach. Anyways so we have my little party and enjoy the wonderful cake Orion made. We had decided that if Orion did not have a job at the end of the month, the 31st, we would move to wonderful (or not so wonderful if you ask me) Fresno. It was crunch time. We were pretty sure he was going to get the job offer down in San Luis Obispo, where he currently works now, but we were not sure when it was going to come. So we decided to wait just a couple more days before we moved. Then on November 1st, just one day after our deadline, HE GOT THE CALL. HE GOT THE JOB! It was a miracle!

We don't have move! Life is wonderful! In fact we are thinking about moving to SLO in the near future so Orion does not have to drive 25 minutes to work everyday or drive up and down the grade. I will keep you updated.

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