Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am so excited for Thanksgiving! One because someone else will be doing the cooking and shopping. Two I will get to sleep in and cuddle with Orion. And three, the reason I am really really excited about Thanksgiving is NO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK! I am so excited! I don't have school work for an entire week it is going to be amazing and probably at some times boring because I won't have anything to do.

On a side note it was Orion's birthday day last week. On the 14th he turned 23! I made him a yummy ice cream cake. It is our new thing that we are trying to master. My attempt was a little better than Orion's because I learned from his mistakes. Although on our way over to Orion's brothers house the ice cream melted that was suppose to be the bottom layer and got all over my pants. I was wearing blank pants so it was very clear that I had ice cream all over them. A tip for the wise do not put ice cream as a bottom layer. It will just melt all over you.

I am not very good at writing on cakes. I figured it was ok because the cake was a messy theme. Those are candy rocks and gummy worms all over the cake. Our little nieces and nephews loved the cake. Our two year old nephew played with one of the worms for half an hour. It was great. Hopefully when we have children Orion and I will be masters at making birthday cakes.

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