Thursday, November 11, 2010

Work Work Work

So Orion's new job has lots of opportunity for over time. In fact they had a meeting last week where they told everyone who works there that if they work 60 hours in one week onto of all the over time, they will get a $200 bonus. That comes out to a lot of money! Orion is thinking about doing a sixty hour week, he plans on doing five 12 hour days. He currently is working nine hour days because he wants to build our saving account back up/save up for a new car. I want a new couch.

This one looks pretty good. I like the pillows on it and the fact that it looks really comfy. Our current couch is on its last leg. It is falling apart. In fact when you sit on it you start to sink in. We have attempted to offset the sinking in by placing blankets on the couch. We are clearly poor newly weds. Our hope is that we get a couch for Christmas, meaning we buy ourselves a couch for Christmas. SO if you have any tips on good places to get couches I am all ears.


    Jakob and I got ours on there for a steal of 250 brand new. It takes some patience but it's so worth it!!

  2. Thanks for the advice I don't know why I did not think of that.