Saturday, November 26, 2011

I was thinking today how truly blessed I am. My entire marriage, all 1.5 years of it, I have not HAD to work. I of course have worked because I like working. I love working with people and make money. But today I realized that Mr. O has always been able to provide for us on his income alone. That does not mean that we are rich by any means, nor does it mean that he has a high paying job. It simply means that we are able to live within our means and for that I am grateful.

Before we got married I was very worried about how we would even survive. I had just gotten home from school and had no prospects for a job. Mr. O had a job but it only paid $10 a hour and it was not full time. We were doomed to be working a zillion jobs and have no money. At least that is what I thought. My sweet husband taught me a valuable lesson  after we got engaged. He told me not to worry because we were doing the right thing. He said that everything would work out and it did. He got a better job that could support us and I got a job as well. From that time we have moved, lost jobs, gained jobs, quit jobs, bought a car, went on vacations and so much more. In the end money did not matter because we had each other and our faith in the Lord. We knew that as long as we were following the Lord everything would fall into place and it has.


  1. Amen! I love the blessings that being married to a great man has brought into my life too. We're the luckiest girls around ;)