Thursday, January 26, 2012


On Tuesday I went to a funeral for an old man my mom use to help out. His name is Darwin and I loved him. He had such spunk for life. He was in is late 80's almost 90, yet he went for a walk everyday and played the drums. He was such a sweet man. Sometimes I would walk with him and he would tell all about his life. He would tell me about his wife Sally, who was the most beautiful woman in the world. She died ten years ago. I could not even imagine what life would be like if Orion died ten years before I did. Yet Darwin was always happy.

As I sat at his funeral next to my mother and husband it hit me that this will happen to all of us. We will all die, but that is apart of life. Darwin chose to be cremated so he could be buried in right next to his wife. They know share a headstone. There is something kind of beautiful in that I think. They shared their lives together and now they share their resting place together. I hope to always keep this sweet man in my thoughts and he his energy when I am his age. 

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