Sunday, January 22, 2012


While Katelyn was here I wanted to do something special. She did drive 16 hours to come see me, so it was the least I could do. Orion suggested the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I knew I married a smart man! I would have loved to stay there all day long, but they closed at five. Also being pregnant my back started hurting after walking around four plus hours.
Thus huge turtle lives in my favorite place, the million gallon tank! Yep 1 million gallons of fresh ocean water. I have always wanted to be a mermaid. Maybe in my next life ;) That is a huge school of sardines swimming behind him, actually I think this turtle was a girl. I am not sure.

I have always found jelly fish so interesting. They seem so soft and nice, but most of them can hurt or kill you. I wonder why God made such a pretty looking creature so deadly?
If only Orion was like a sea horse then he would carry our baby. Clearly he is not thrilled with this idea. You can't really see but there is a baby coming out of the belly of that sea horse. This picture is Orion's attempt at showing how bad it would be for him if he was the pregnant one.

That's me sitting in front of sea horses that look like plants. They are so interesting. At first I thought there was no animals in the tank because they blended in that well.
Can you tell where the sea horse is?

The ocean is home to such pretty colors! I just love how beautiful that star fish's color is. I am telling you I want to live in the ocean for just a day.
Katelyn and I almost got to pet this little guy, but he swam away too fast. At this point Orion was hungry and no longer interested in the animals.
This was a cool part of the aquarium. It was like standing underneath a wave crashing.
Orion thought he should prepare himself to ride the wave.
We survived the wave! After walking around until I could barely stand we got dinner at Bubba Gump's. It is based off the movie Forest Gump. The food was good, but over priced for the portion sizes we got. Over all it was such a fun trip!

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  1. Jealous!!! You've now made me want to go there! Looks like such fun and I love the wave pictures of you and Orion :)