Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have a confession to make.... I have fallen in love with a website. Orion knows about it and is ok with it. I just love pinterest! It is full of recipes, crafts, dyi projects, and so much more! Where was this site when I was getting married? The other week I was inspired, like usual, by pinterest. I wanted to dress up my apartment a little bit because it is kind of boring. Being a poor married couple with a baby on the way does not leave money to make your apartment look nice. Have no fear pinterest is here!
I took a picture frame we had sitting around for almost two years. Thanks whoever gave this to us as a wedding present. I picked out some scrap booking paper that looked nice together. (That is another thing I am attempting to do, scrap book my life. So far I have two half done scrap books. It is like having one complete one right?) I cut them to size and taped them in so they would not slide around. BAM! I have a piece of artwork that cost me almost nothing! Now I just need to find a place to hang it. I am hoping the baby is a boy so I can hang it up in the room, but I guess if it's a girl it would work too. What do you think? Where should this little beauty go? My bedroom? The living room? Baby room? Bathroom?

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